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PayLoadz Express Overview

Payloadz express is a quickest and easiest way to sell digital goods online and have that good delivered automatically by the system. Anybody can use this system to sell a file they own, that file may be any of formats. Payloadz Express system supports 8 different languages i.e. English, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Chinese and French.

To create a product, seller doesn’t need have a premium account. Basic users can also create products on Payloadz Express; even users need not to have an existing account to create a product.

If user is not already register with Payloadz then Email will be sent to entered Email Id with UserName and Password.

Language Selection: User can select desired language from available 8 languages from footer section:



Creating a new product:

1). Open URL http://express.payloadz.com




2). Fill out the information related to your product:

     a). Enter Product name and Product price:



       b). Select a file to upload with your product:




      c). Enter Paypal Email ID:



       d). Submit the product information:



       e). On the next page you will get the selling link:





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