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Increasing Your Sales

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Store Listing

Sure, you use PayLoadz as a payment gateway to sell your virtual goods online, but have you ever thought about listing your products in our store?

If not, you definitely should. As you know, the craze of online shopping is definitely catching up and it is quickly becoming the norm. As a virtual goods seller, you know that buying your products online is the best (and often only) way to go.

Online shopping through the PayLoadz Store is safe, easy, and convenient. The store offers the same security as any other online transactions that customers use to purchase your digital goods. The payment methods are also the same, so there’s no extra work for you. Listing your products in the PayLoadz Store means you’re getting the same reliable security and ease-of-use while offering your customers another option when it comes to finding and buying your products online. As a seller, you don’t have to do anything extra – if you’re already a member, all you have to do is submit your store listings via your account.

We’ve got a number of features that makes listing your products in the PayLoadz Store even more rewarding. Right on the product page, we offer a Seller section that can help you maintain customers. They can view other items that you sell through the PayLoadz Store . There is also a “Contact Seller” option which allows your customers to reach you directly with any questions about your digital goods. Furthermore, “Notify Me When Seller Adds New Items” is incredibly beneficial when it comes to keeping previous customers abreast of any new products you may offer. Lastly, our “Share This Product” allows a customer to share your product page with their friends and family via email as well as any of the popular social networks.

Listing your products in the PayLoadz Store . Sure, you already have a product image, bold lettering, and have invested in creating listings for your products, but there’s more you can do. Try these tips out and see if your sales don’t increase noticeably

So what makes a title descriptive enough?

First of all, you should know by now that selling products online is all about search. Potential buyers look for products using search engines as well as the search on PayLoadz Store . Make sure that the product titles have just the right keywords so that they appear in the results when shoppers search for them. Think of yourself searching for the same product on the Internet and the keyword or phrase that you would enter in the search box to find that product. That keyword should be a part of your title.

Secondly, the title should explain what the product is all about. While using right keywords may help show your product in search engines; people may still not click on the link because the title may not be telling the whole story about the product. For eg: the titles ‘How to stop snoring’ and ‘How to stop snoring without surgery’ use the appropriate keyword ‘stop snoring’; however, the latter explains the content of the eBook better. This is what makes it a more descriptive title. Use the space we allow for a good title! Remember, the more descriptive and accurate the title, the more potential the listing has for buyers to click it and check out your product.

Another thing to remember is that spelling counts! While we won’t be giving you a spelling test anytime soon, misspelled words can make you lose out on sales. Spelling is so important because as buyers search for your products they will be typing particular keywords and phrases into the search tool. This means that if your product’s title contains misspelled words, your listing may not be displayed! Always double check the spelling before you list an item. If you think any of your titles may have misspelled words, go back and make edits!

Click here to check out a sample product description to see how we display the title and description that you provide.

Product Images

Why Product Images are Useful:

Did you know that text and images stimulate different parts of the brain? When you think about it that probably seems pretty obvious. When you have a section of text, it is vibrant and chronological which means that it takes a certain amount of time in order to explain or understand it. In contrast, images can be understood quite quickly, within a matter of seconds. This is why it is so important to use product images when you list your digital goods for sale.

At PayLoadz, we know that the Internet has become an integral part of daily life. We get our news online, we stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, and we do a significant amount of shopping on the World Wide Web. Because we are so connected, images have quickly become a huge part of any online experience. Shopping online is a total experience, so why lose customers because your product listings lack images?

Here are some general advantages to using product images:

1. Product images give the customer an idea of what they’re paying for.
2. Product images allow the customer to visualize the product description quickly.
3. People recognize images quicker than text so the product image will be the first thing that attracts your customers. The description comes second.
4. People love examples and samples of what they’re buying. Images achieve this perfectly in the virtual goods industry.

However, you do need to remember that using an image is only part of the entire product package. Because you’re selling virtual goods, the image you choose is the only visual representation of your product. This means choosing a relevant and good-quality image.

Using product images will allow your customers the whole Internet shopping experience. Images are essential to increasing your sales, but they won’t achieve that goal alone. In conjunction with product images, make sure that you take advantage of the use of relevant keywords, well-written descriptions, and descriptive titles for your products. Consider using images alongside free samples and downloads as well.You can include images with your product listing while setting up the product in your PayLoadz account. The option for adding images is available under Store Information section on Product Setup page.

Listing your products in the PayLoadz Store will definitely help boost your sales. But listing your product alone with text only won’t do the trick. Take in mind what we’ve just shared with you regarding product images and make some changes. 


How Product Sample Files Can Help Your Sales

Everyone loves a free sample, so why not enhance your sales on PayLoadz with product samples? It is no secret that product samples can only help your sales when offered. Though you need to get the word out about your virtual goods and work as hard as possible to ensure that people know what you have to offer, the product itself is often its own best salesman. Obviously we don’t mean that your product without all the hard work will magically sell itself, but the impression, atmosphere, and tools you give it all contribute to your success.

This is why product samples are so important, especially for virtual goods. Regardless of the cost of your product and what you put into your marketing efforts, product samples are usually the most cost-effective selling method out there, and have been for years. Think back to the days of door-to-door salesmen – didn’t they always have a product sample with them? The principle behind that strategy has not and will not change, regardless of technology!

It really doesn’t matter what type of product you sell in order to use a sample to get your foot in potential clients’ doors. Samples can be applied to anything and is especially useful for digital goods. Many customers would like to see what you’re offering and to test the download waters. Are there glitches? Is the software or file compatible with their computer system? Samples can answer all sorts of questions right off the bat. One of the main draws of using product samples is that your whole advertising campaign can change. Once you offer free product samples, you can use the word “free” in your ads. Free stuff always brings in readers and visitors. That’s the hook – free samples. Go ahead and reel them in with your awesome products!

Offering product samples gets action. Just with a great title and description, a shopper may not be ready to commit to becoming a buyer. Throw a sample into the mix and you’ve got someone who is ready to learn a little more about your product. He or she will order the sample, download it, and won’t be able to move on without testing it out. This is a great way to spread the word about your product and gain new clients.

Product samples aren’t expensive to offer and will end up increasing your sales and overall investment in the long run. You can offer free downloads, product sample files, or a combination of both through the PayLoadz system. You can also use discount codes to those who have sampled your product for the full version. The possibilities are endless. In fact, PayLoadz makes it incredibly easy to set up a sample, offer discounts, free downloads. We encourage you to be creative with using product samples when selling your goods.

"Share the product" link on store detail page

As an online retailer and seller of virtual goods, you probably already know that word of mouth is one of the best ways to get people to learn about your business or products. At PayLoadz, we know just how important the word of mouth phenomenon is, which is why we have recently implemented our “Share this Product” feature on PayLoadz listings.

Before we get into the facts about “Share this Product”, let’s talk a little bit about word of mouth advertising and marketing. By and far, recommendations in the form of word of mouth are really one of the most effective marketing tools out there. Just think about it – when you’re thinking about grabbing a bite to eat, what do you do? You probably ask your friends, family, or neighbors where they like to go and then try it out. The same principle applies to online shopping and just about everything else!

With that in mind, we’ve introduced “Share this Product” to the PayLoadz platform. You can find it on any listing in PayLoadz Store in the Seller section in the sidebar. It’s a simple link that allows customers to share a particular product listing with the rest of the world. It is a virtual word of mouth tool that quickly and effectively expands your product’s reach.

When a customer clicks “Share this Product” a convenient pop-up box will appear. The feature allows customers to not only share the product with whomever they choose, but to bookmark it as well. The innovation of “Share this Product” feature is great for both our PayLoadz sellers and customers shopping online. With this tool, it is possible to bookmark and share any item listed. And this isn’t just limited to email as many similar tools are – the reach of “Share this Product” tool spans out to email, instant messaging, social networks, and wish lists.The “Share this Product” tool is a great social sharing tool that allows people to share a product anytime with their social network. With just a simple click, the word can be spread about your products in a matter of seconds. It allows for flexibility, so that your customers can et the word out about your product in their preferred style.

Remember, word of mouth is the best (and cheapest) way to expand the reach of your product. When customers recommend something to their friends, those new prospects are bound to check it out. With “Share this Product” your customers can share your virtual goods with their friends, family, and colleagues quickly and easily. With more than 200 options ranging from AIM, Digg, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Yahoo, Gmail, and so much more, how can you go wrong?

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