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Sell Digital Downloads using Typepad

Typepad is a blogging service used by millions of people worldwide. With Typepad, you can sell your products or services, run ads on your blog (or not) and join anaffective affiliate program.Through this guide, you will learn how to place items you want to sell in Typepad posts.

Login to your Typepad account, or create a new account.After logging in, click on a yellow "Compose" button to start creating a new post. Follow the steps below to post your PayLoadz product in the blog post.

1.  In the new post screen, you will need to switch between two tabs that are found on the right: "Rich Text" and "HTML”. Use "Rich Text" to write a product description and to insert a product image. Once you are happy with the look of your post, click on the "HTML" tab, and follow the steps below to place the "Buy Now" button that will enable your visitors to buy the product from you through the PayLoadz service.


2.  Go to your PayLoadz dashboard. Go to "Product Listing." Hover over "Details," and click on the "Code Generator" dropdown link.



3.  Select the button or link you want. Click on "Show Code." Mark the code, and copy it. Make sure you have copied the complete code.

Payloadz.com   Selling File.png


4.  Go to your Typepad post with the "HTML" tab opened, and paste the code you just copied from PayLoadz. Once you have pasted the code, you need to do one more thing for it to work. Delete empty spaces inside the code itself. The code you pasted needs to be one whole line instead of being broken into a few lines. You can do this by putting your cursor at the end of first row and pressing delete. Do the same for the second row. If you did it right, once you jump onto compose editor, you will see the image of a "Buy Now" button or "Buy Now" link, depending on what you have chosen for the button.


5.  Publish your new post, and you should see the "Buy Now" button, which visitors can click to purchase the item from you. Happy selling!

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