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Listing in PayLoadz Store

You use PayLoadz as a digital e-commerce platform to sell and deliver your virtual goods online, but have you ever thought about listing your products in our store? If not, you definitely should. As you know, the craze of online shopping is definitely catching up and it is quickly becoming the norm. As a virtual goods seller, you know that buying your products online is the best (and often only) way to go.

Online shopping through the PayLoadz Store is safe, easy, and convenient. The store offers the same security as any other online transactions that customers use to purchase your digital goods. The payment methods are also the same, so there’s no extra work for you. Listing your products in the PayLoadz Store means you’re getting the same reliable security and ease-of-use while offering your customers another option when it comes to finding and buying your products online.

Promoting your product using Payloadz Store:

Add Store information while creating your product or you can add information later with Edit Product option:



Following is the Step by Step procedure to list your product on PayLoadz Store:

1). Select Main Category and Sub Category in which you want to list your product on PayLoadz Store. PayLoadz provides you an option to list your products in more than one category.

There is a link “Add Category” to select more than one category. Please check following image:



2). Enter Product Information URL for your product, This will be the url from where a buyer can get information about your product. Please check following image:



3). Select image for your product, you can add maximum five images for your product.

There is a link “Add Additional Images” to add more than one image to your product. Please check following image:



4). Add Product Keywords for your product, these keywords should be meaningful and related to your product. System will use these keywords to search your product when buyers will look for related products.



5). Enter Description for your product. This is mandatory to list your product on store. This is the main thing which can affect your product sale. A buyer will try to imagine your product with product description, so it should be meaningful and should provide maximum clarity for your product to any customer. Product descriptions must be at least 70 and up to 7000 characters in length

Videos and images can also be added in description by using source code. Please check following image.


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