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PayLoadz Features for selling Digital Goods

1). Low cost services Monthly charges and transaction fee is very low. Monthly Fee is $19.95. Per Transaction Fees is $0.29+2.9%. This transaction fee is less is only 2.9% + $0.05 for orders less than $2.00.

2).Unlimited files storage Sellers need not to think about storage space while uploading their products files because PayLoadz offers an Unlimited space for storing product files.

3). Unlimited number of products There is no limit for sellers to create products. Sellers can create an Unlimited number of products and can list on PayLoadz Store or anywhere else.

4). Huge list of payment options PayLoadz supports a large number of Payment gateways and Payments processing options. Sellers can user any of the available payments gateways as PayPal, PayFlow Pro, 2Checkout, GoogleCheckout, Amazon Payments, TrialPay Payments and Authorized Net .

5).Better Affiliate Management system PayLoadz offers a great way to reward affiliates while increasing sales of your products considerably! By joining the affiliate program, you agree to allow other members of the program promote your virtual goods in exchange for a percentage of each sale they bring in for you. You can also offer a flat fee; the choice is yours. As a seller, you will be able to:

  • Quickly set up products to be promoted by affiliates,
  • Choose what should be paid for each sale, and
  • Track sales, referrals and other statistics with extensive reports

6). Product serial and software registration key delivery Unique registration key is exists to prevent piracy. This feature can protect you as a seller from unscrupulous buyers when selling computer programs online.  Basically, your product won’t work fully unless a specially generated code, otherwise known as the product key, is entered by the customer upon download.  The product key and serial delivery system can be accessed on any product right from your PayLoadz account.

7). Bulk Product Import and Export facility If you have many items you want to upload you can use the Bulk Import system to save time and effort. You can download a sample file from PayLoadz website and can enter your products details in excel sheet, after creating the excel sheet you can upload in your PayLoadz account. This will create products in your account in one go instead of manually entering each product.

8). Instant Email notification There are instant email notification to seller from signing up the account with PayLoadz to selling a product and payment to affiliates, not only for seller but also for buyers for product purchase and downloads.

9). Easy to use interface PayLoadz provides a user friendly interface; It takes only minutes to set up your subscription and start generating revenue. Navigation to different module is provided with top menus and left side navigation links. Searching and filtering functionality is provided on pages where data is in large amount.

10). Get your own personalized "domain name" for store Store front is provided to sell products if seller want to list on PayLoadz store. Seller can create own store domain by just entering a name. This domain displays product only for this particular seller.

11). Secure Payments information from PayLoadz site to Payments gateways is sent in secure sessions. SSL is a security protocol that provides data encryption, server authentication and message integrity for a connection to the Internet. Using SSL ensures that the information you exchange is never transmitted unencrypted over the Internet and therefore cannot be viewed by unauthorized individuals. PayLoadz is using hacking prevention techniques to ensure secure payment transaction.

12). Secured Cart PayLoadz offers check out with a SSL or Secured Socket Layer certificate. Price check options are available for sellers to prevent any hacking and to ensure exact. Apart from PayLoadz cart supports:

1. Add/remove products to/from the cart
2. set/unset the quantity
3. Accept all major credit cards, PayPal, PayFlow Pro, 2Checkout, GoogleCheckout, Amazon Payments, TrialPay Payments and Authorized Net
5. Add/Remove discount.

13). Different Discount methods PayLoadz offers different type of discount methods for sellers. Sellers can create own discounts on base of Cart total, Number of items in cart or simple discount. Sellers can restrict these discounts for any particular user, ip or domain. Seller has options to Add/Edit/Delete/Expire the discount at any level.

14). Online Billing and Selling reports Sellers can check and export Billing  history and Selling history at any time for selected time period.

15). Strong help system Online help system is available for PayLoadz users, Users can search for any topic related to PayLoadz website and find online solution for that topic. Each functionality is explained step by step in a detailed manner.

16). Beautiful store front PayLoadz provides a beautiful store front to sellers for selling their products free of additional cost. If sellers don’t have their own site they can just list their items on store and start earning money.

17). Multilingual express system PayLoadz offers a multilingual express system which supports 8 different languages i.e. English, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Spanish, Chinese and French. So now sellers don’t have any restriction to use only English.

18). Sell anywhere through button code generation Sellers can sale their products either on PayLoadz store or on their own sites. PayLoadz provides buy Button codes for each product of any seller. Sellers can simply copy the code from PayLoadz site and paste on their own site for sale.

19). Login with your Facebook, Yahoo and Gmail accounts It is not mandatory to have an existing account to login over PayLoadz site, sellers can use their Facebook, Yahoo and Google accounts to login over the PayLoadz.

20). Better Customer support Telephonic and Email customer service is available for users. Users can send any query related to support person and seller will get an instant response from support person.

21). Seller controlled download limits PayLoadz provides option for users to limit their download for any sale. After exceeding the limit download will be expired and buyer need to contact the seller for another download.

22). Product Subscription Sellers can Create a trial version of product that your customers can try out or seller want to publish different versions of product.  Customize the length of each product's trial period. If buyers are satisfied, the PayLoadz will automatically start their regular subscription a few days later as per conditions.

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