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What is the PayLoadz Reseller System

Becoming a reseller is absolutely free. PayLoadz Reseller System is a very simple way to earn money without making efforts. This will provide you with long term income online that you can keep growing and developing over the coming years. Just refer new customers to PayLoadz and get share in revenue earned by PayLoadz through your referred users. PayLoadz provides you 40% of revenue earned by your referrals.

You just need to SignUp for a reseller account from page https://www.payloadz.com/rs/ and get your reseller link to sale PayLoadz services. Send this link to your known or place it to your website or blogs or social network.  PayLoadz will automatically transfer your share to your PayPal account. Click https://www.payloadz.com/rs/rules.asp to know about all the rules of reseller system.

Following are the steps to get your reseller link for PayLoadz:

1). Click on the link “Reseller program” from footer links:



2). Click on the SignUp button:



3). Enter your details to get register:



4). Get your Reseller link here:


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