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Using PayPal MicroPayments

Using PayPal MicroPayments

You can take advantage of lower Paypal transaction fees if you are selling digital goods at Micropayment levels. If your per transaction revenue is below $8,  you can benefit from the new pricing tier offered by PayPal. PayPal offers support for Micropayments to merchants for US to US, GB to GB, AU to AU, and EU to EU transactions for Business and Premier accounts. This feature is offered at a special rate of 5% $0.05 per transaction.

Merchants who wish to use PayPal's micropayments pricing need to open a new PayPal account through this account registration page

Each PayPal account is associated with only one merchant processing rate. That rate determines the fee that's applied to funds received into that account (additional information on PayPal's Standard Fees is available here.)

How to use:

Currently, the PayPal system requires you to setup a separate account for Micropayment transactions. This means that you will have to go through the same account verification process at PayPal including having a second bank account. You cannot use the same information for more than one PayPal account. We hope to get this requirement loosened in the future, but as of now, having two sets of information is the only way it can be done.

  1. Once you have a second account setup, you need to enter the Primary PayPal Email address of the new Micropayment account into your PayLoadz Profile under the Micropayment Email field.
  2. If you will be selling items in a shopping cart at your site, then you will also need to activate the PayLoadz Shopping Cart option in your PayLoadz profile as well.
  3. Finally, you are required to use the GoLink codes for your purchase buttons. The GoLink code can be found on the product details page. You can use the GoLink URl with a button image of your choice.

Once the above steps have been completed, the system is ready to use. Our system will determine which of your two PayPal accounts to send payment to based on the value of the items being purchased. If the value of the purchase is greater than $8, then payment will go to your Primary PayPal account, if less than $8, then payment will go to your Micropayment account.

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