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PayLoadz Express

If you simply want to sell a basic digital file online, consider using PayLoadz Express. PayLoadz Express is a 1-2-3 process that allows you to have your digital item for sale in a matter of minutes.

If you want more advanced services such as selling multiple items, shopping cart, multiple file delivery, offer free, donation-based or subscription downloads, offer discounts and promotions, a software registration key delivery, control download link security, an affiliate system, please upgrade your account or sign-up for the PayLoadz Premium account by following the steps below.

PayLoadz- Premium

Getting started with PayLoadz Premium is easy. You'll be ready to start earning cash once the 5 simple steps listed below are complete. In depth instructions for each step follows below.   

Step 1 - Get a PayLoadz account at: https://www.PayLoadz.com .
Step 2 - Get a free PayPal account at: https://www.PayPal.com or Google Checkout at: https://checkout.google.com/sell (you can get and use both if you like).

  • Using PayPal - Set up your PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) preferences. Next, set up your PayLoadz Profile with your Primary PayPal Email address.

  • Using Google Checkout - Set your Google Merchant information in your PayLoadz Profile, put the API Callback URL in your Google Checkout Account, create Google Checkout Purchase Buttons or Links and Contact Us to let us know when you start receiving sales through Google Checkout. (This is not necessary for PayPal).

Step 3 - Create a new product to sell at the PayLoadz Website.
Step 4 - Copy and paste the code generated into your web site. 
Step 5 - Test your setup.

Below are the step-by-step details for the 5 steps listed above.

    1.  Get a PayLoadz Account

      Visit the PayLoadz homepage at https://www.PayLoadz.com and sign up for an account by clicking on one of the “Sign Up” links found on our home page. You will be taken to a very simple sign up form that will create your account. 

      The only thing you will need is a working Email address and a password of your choosing. We strongly suggest that you choose a different password from the one used at PayPal. Your account creation is instant. An Email containing "Getting Started information" is sent to the address used as your user name.

      The email address used as your user name does NOT have to be the same as your PayPal email address. After you submit the New User registration form, you will be taken to your Profile page. More information on how to complete your Profile pages is provided in Step 2.

    2.  Get a Free PayPal and/or Google Checkout Account

       Visit the PayPal homepage at: https://www.PayPal.com and sign up for an account by clicking on the “New Users” or “Sign Up” links on the homepage. Again, you will just need a valid, working email address to use as your Username and a password for secure access.

      Important Note: You will need to sign up for either a Business or a Premier Account at PayPal, as a Personal account will not work. If you already have a Personal PayPal Account, you can easily upgrade to a Premier or Business Account. Finally, you must have a VERIFIED PayPal account before the system will work properly. Your account will say “Verified” on your account page after you have completed the PayPal verification process.

      Set Up Your PayPal IPN Preferences
      The PayLoadz system works in conjunction with the PayPal payment service by “talking” to each other through a web address after payments are made. This is a free optional feature found at the PayPal web site. Just follow the steps below to get your PayPal IPN preferences set up. 

      1. Log into your PayPal account. Then go to your “Profile” page by clicking on the “Profile” tab just under the top navigation. You will see a link, “Instant Payment Notification”, click on that link and follow the instructions to activate the IPN in your account.
      2. When asked for a URL, enter the following PayLoadz URL http://www.payloadz.com/pay/index.asp, make sure Instant Payment Notification is set to enabled, save and exit.

        Your IPN is now activated and your PayPal account is enabled to use the PayLoadz system.

      Set Up Your PayLoadz Profile Using Your PayPal Email Address
      The final step is to complete the link between PayPal and the PayLoadz system is for you to provide us with your Primary Email address that is used at the PayPal web site.

Enter this address in the PayLoadz system by logging in to your account and clicking on the “Account” link in the top navigation section, then select "PayLoadz  Profile” link. Place the email address in the PayPal account section for the PayPal account type you are using.  (Optional) While you here you can also fill out your profile to personalize your customer’s experience, however, the only required element is the PayPal Email address field.

At this point, the configuration between PayPal and PayLoadz is complete.


Google Checkout
You can register for a free Google Checkout account at the following address: https://checkout.google.com/sell

Follow the instructions at the Google site to create your selling account.

Set-up your Google Merchant information in your PayLoadz Profile
From the Google Checkout site obtain your Google Merchant information and enter that information in your PayLoadz profile. To obtain your information, go to the following address: https://checkout.google.com/sell/settings?section=Integration.

Be sure to make note of your Google Merchant ID and your Google Merchant Key. You will need to enter each of these values into your PayLoadz Profile.

Go to your PayLoadz Profile here: https://PayLoadz.com/account/profile.asp
Enter the values you obtained from your Google Checkout account and click the Update link at the bottom of the page to save the information.

The image below from Google Checkout shows the place to see your Merchant ID and Merchant Key.




Put the API Callback URL in your Google Checkout Account
In order for our system to communicate with the Google Checkout system, you need to enter the Callback API URL into your Checkout account at Google. You can locate the API Callback URL setting here: https://checkout.google.com/sell/settings?section=Integration - Make sure you reference the image above from Google Checkout to find the location of the API Callback field.

Enter the following API Callback URL into the field on the Google Checkout account:

Click on the Save button to keep the URL entered. Finally, choose the XML format when asked to process orders using XML or named-pair values.  The system is ready to use now. IMPORTANT: Be sure to select "Automatically authorize and charge the buyer's credit card" in your Checkout Preferences. Create Google Checkout Purchase Buttons or Links

The Google Checkout system works with the standard PayLoadz GoLink system. To begin you will need the standard GoLinks found on the detail page of each of your products. You will be editing these links to use the Google Checkout system.

Modifying the Shopping Cart GoLink to use Google Checkout:
Take the GoLink for your PayPal purchase links and add the query string variable "gc=1" to enable Google Checkout. Below is an example of the standard GoLink and the new GoLink used for the Google Checkout system.

Standard Shopping Cart GoLink: http://payloadz.com/go?id=24190Google Checkout Shopping Cart GoLink: http://payloadz.com/go?id=24190&gc=1

Modifying the Single Item Purchase GoLink to use Google Checkout:
Take the GoLink for your PayPal purchase links and add the query string variable "gc=1" to enable Google Checkout. Below is an example of the standard GoLink and the new GoLink used for the Google Checkout system.

Standard Single Item Purchase GoLink: http://PayLoadz.com/go/sip?id=24190
Google Checkout Single Item Purchase GoLink: http://PayLoadz.com/go/sip?id=24190&gc=1

You can use any image or link you like with the above GoLink url to sell your items using Google Checkout.

Note: Under the Shopping cart post security header, uncheck the box to allow your account to use API requests with name-value pairs. After removing the check from the checkbox, click the Save button to save your settings. Contact us and let us know when you start receiving sales through Google Checkout!


3.      Create a New Product to Sell 
 Log into your Payloadz account. Click on the Selling tab at the top of the page and choose Create a New Product. Fill out the Products Details form. You must use the Create a New Product process for each downloadable item in your inventory so Payloadz system can process the items.

Important Note: To sell with the Payloadz system you should give each product a unique name. You MUST give each of your products a unique item number. Once you complete the creation process you will be given several sets of HTML code you will need for the next step of the Payloadz process. Be sure to use the HTML code generated by our system as it contains additional code that ensures a reliable download for your customers.

The PayLoadz system mirrors the PayPal code that is generated when using their web site to create buttons for your products and is fully compatible with PayPal. Once completed, you will be given several sets of HTML code that you will need for the next step of the process.

4.     Copy and Paste the Code Generated Into Your Web Site
You can now take the code generated by the PayLoadz system in step 3 and paste it into your web site’s code.  Place the code wherever you want your site’s visitors to be able to click and buy your digital goods. 

To get your code go to the Code Generator section at the bottom of each product’s detail page. For More Advanced Users: You can change the image of the button by editing the src tag to point to the image location you want to use.

5.     Testing the System
Once you have completed steps 1 thru 4 it is important to test your new set ups to make sure everything is correct and ready for your customers to use. To ensure your product is set up correctly use the "Test Delivery" or " Add Download Link". 

Important Note: Do not place your items live on your website until you have fully tested and downloaded your item through the system. It is also a good idea to have a friend purchase your item to make sure the entire process works properly. You can always refund their purchase amount once you verify everything is working properly.

 Congratulations! You are now selling digital goods on PayLoadz. Now that you are familiar with the product set-up we encourage you to explore the many other optional features you can use to increase sales and enhance your customers’ buying experience. To learn more about these optional features visit Got Questions.


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