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SOLVED - 4/27/2020 - PayPal Delayed IPN Causing Order Processing Delays

PayPal appears to be having issues with their IPN system that our system relies on to process download deliveries. Unfortunately, we have no control over this issue and are waiting to hear from them on when this will be resolved. Once fixed, the orders should get posted over to our system and we will send out the downloads as soon as the data is received. 


Sellers can check the status of their IPNs here: 

If the status is "Queued", then the issue is on PayPal's end. 


Sellers can use the "Send Download" system under the Selling tab in their accounts to send downloads to their customers in the meantime. 


UPDATE: 4/28/2020 6:00AM EST - It appears the IPNs have been posted over and new orders are processing correctly. 

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