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SOLVED - 4/19/2019 - Server Issue

We are experiencing a server issue and are working as quickly as possible to address it. We will post updates here as we have them. 


Update: 9:22AM EST. 

We have found the cause of the issue to be related to a code release made today affecting multiple parts of our code base which made tracking down the cause of the issue difficult. 

We also had trouble reverting the code changes due to our backup and restore processes which we now know need to be adjusted to prevent an extended outage in the future. We will be putting a new process in place in the coming weeks. 

Please submit a ticket for any issues you may see as you use the site. Any unprocessed orders will be processed over the next few hours as the system works through any backlogs. 

Our apologies for this issue. We thank you kindly for your patience and understanding. 

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