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PayLoadz API Overview and Documentation

We have released an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows advanced users, programmers, and developers direct access to our system in a programmatic method.  Our API format is based on the PayPal.

The Beta period uses a live, fully-functioning version of the API.

Full Documentation and Sample Code can be found here:  http://api.payloadz.com/docs/PayLoadz_API_Documents_and_Samples.zip
Sample code in the following formats:

  • Classic ASP
  • ASP.Net VB
  • ASP.Net C#
  • PHP


Latest API Update: We have updated the API with some changes please review the service description at http://api.payloadz.com/PayloadzWS.asmx?WSDL

You can Access a full API Methods at http://api.payloadz.com/

API method renamed: old RequestForAdditionallDownloadEmail to RequestForAdditionalDownloadEmail

have been replaced with xmlns='http://api.payloadz.com/'

Removed: eBay Functions are no longer Supported.

Please Contact Us for specific help with your integration project or integration ideas.

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