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Bulk Product Import File

If you have many items items you want to upload you can use the Bulk Import system to save time and effort.

Bulk Product Import - To use the Bulk Product Import File System follow this instruction:

*Please Note This Important Requirement*

Before using the Bulk Product Import please first upload all of the file(s) for each product you are going to create. When you enter the information for your product into the Bulk Import spreadsheet you will need to provide the file name(s) in Column A - File Path of the spreadsheet exactly as the file name appears in the PayLoadz file system.

After you have uploaded your files and have the files names then you can proceed to the next step.


1. Log into your account, go to the Selling tab and select "Bulk Product Import"



2. Download the template spreadsheet file  Product_Import.xls here (Right-click, Save As..)



3. Remove the sample data from the spreadsheet and insert your own product data using a spreadsheet editing program like Excel, or Lotus 1-2-3. Do not change any aspect of the file format, and be sure to keep the same file name. *Please Note: Column A File Path must contain the name of the file(s) you uploaded to Payloadz for the product. The total length of all the files in the file path cannot exceed 256 characters. 





4. You can upload maximum 3000 records at once time in excel.

5. Once you have finished entering your products and have reviewed your file, upload it into our system at the upload page here.


This is template link:


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