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How to Add Product Image

You can add main product image and 4 additional product images to show on your PayLoadz store listing. To add a Product image which will appear on your product's store listing, download page and in the PayLoadz Shopping Cart if the PayLoadz Shopping Cart is enabled in your PayLoadz Profile
Add Product Image:
1. Log into your account.
2. Go to the tab "Selling" you will see a drop-down menu, select "View Products". This will take you to the "Products" page. See image below:

View Products.png

3. Find the product that you want to add a image to, next to the product there is a "Details" link with small icon next to it. Click the icon to access the drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu that opens select "Edit Product". See image below:

4. Click the "Edit" option and you will be taken to the "Product Set-up" page.
5. Scroll down to "Optional Features" section and you will see where you can add/change/delete the Product Image.
6. Upload the image you want to place with your product. Image must be larger than 300x300.
7. Click Submit Product Information.
8. To confirm the image is uploaded and showing click on the "Store Listing" link on the Product Detail page or go back to edit product mode and scroll to the Product Image and click "View" and you should see the image pop-up in a small window.

Note: Generally it may take a few minutes for updates to show on all the system servers. Please hold Ctrl+Refresh(F5) in your browser to get the most recent version of the page from the server or try using a different browser to see changes immediately. However it'll automatically updated within an hour.

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