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Accepting Pre-Orders

You can sell copies of a product that is not yet available for release on our service. You simply need to create a product by following this flow: http://help.payloadz.com/entries/20474216-Creating-a-Product-to-Sell

You will need to attach a file to the product, so you can come up with some preview version of the product or a bonus file to give the the customers when they purchase the item. All products in our system require a file attached, so the pre-order produce needs to have one, even if it is just a placeholder.


Once the product is available and ready to be sent. Go to the Send Download functionality under the Selling tab. Once there, you will have the option to select a list of existing customers that have bought a product in the past. Select the pre-order product as your customer list and then select the fully released product from the products list and click send. All of your pre-order customers will be sent an email with download instructions.


Some tips: - You can sell the pre-order product at a discount by setting the price accordingly during product setup.
- You can offer the pre-order product file as a bonus for pre-ordering the full product.
- You can simply update the price of the pre-order product to the full price and adjust the product name using the Edit function when you are ready to release the full product without needing to create a new product.
- You can also update the pre-order product file to the full product file when ready, without creating a new product, using the Change File link on the Product Detail page in your account.

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