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Can I create my own store front

Yes, you can create a PayLoadz store that contains only your products, however, it will be a copy of the official PayLoadz store minus all the products from other sellers. 

Please follow these steps to set up your personal storefront.

  1. Log into your PayLoadz account.
  2. Go to the Account tab and from the drop-down menu select "PayLoadz Profile".
  3. In the PayLoadz Profile scroll downward until you locate the section for "SubDomain Name" and enter the name of your storefront such as: mystore.  Next scroll to the bottom and click "Submit Information".

This will create a store containing only the products in your account. The store address will be based on the name you provided. Example http://mystore.payloadz.com

Please note: Your products must have an active PayLoadz store listing set-up in order for them to appear.

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