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Free Download File

This feature is a useful tool in helping to increase your business by allowing you to promote your business by offering free downloads. You get direct access to the email address for each free download made.

You can set up a free download product using the following steps:

  1. Once you have set up a Payloadz account and filled out your Payloadz Profile, you are ready to begin creating Free Download Files in your account.

  2. Go to the "Create New Product" link found under the Selling tab of your account. 
  3. To create free download product you must set the product price 0.00, doing so will make that product a Free Download. For an existing product you can edit the price of the old product to 0.00 and you product will be set as free download. Fill in the rest of the product information (must include Store listing information) and submit the form. You will be asked to set the free file in the next page of the create product flow. 

  4. Once the product setup is completed, you will be given a Store URL that can be used in your marketing efforts anywhere online that will allow people to click and download your free product. 


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