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Selling MediaFire.com Files

Selling MediaFire.com Files

You must have an account in Media Fire (http://www.mediafire.com/) as well as PayLoadz  if you have both accounts then you can use these step as follow.

Register for a Media Fire Account and Payloadz Account

Setting Up Media Fire to work with Payloadz.

Step 1: Login to MediaFire and go to Tab My Files. See a screen shot below:


Step 2: Click on Upload link from left navigation panel.

Step 3: Click on Upload '+ ' sign in the center area to select file and then click "Begin Upload" button. See a screen shot below:


Step 4: After uploading, Copy the link of file by clicking "Copy Link". See a screen shot below:


Step 5: Now paste it in payloadz site. While uploading file for any product you will go through this page,paste this link at bottom of the page, it will show the below screen.


Step 7: After updating you can see details of file location.


Step 8: Click on ‘Test Delivery’ link on the right side of above screen.

Step 9: After clicking on ‘Test Delivery’ link screen will beas shown below.  Click on the Download URL Link.


Step 10: Now following screen will appear. Click on 'Download Link' as marked in the screenshot.


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