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Remote Download Page Configuration

Remote Download Page Configuration

This option allows you to have a download page on a remote site instead of using the built in PayLoadz download page. This should only be used in rare circumstances where the seller needs to customize the download page extensively. We are providing you Download page with javascript variables. Now, you have to provide the txn_id in one place and you will get all required values in javascript variables. You can use these variables in your own site page and provide download option to your customers with different themes. You can keep your download html in your web application side.

You can see the demo here.

You can download this page from here.

In page downloadManually.html, you have to replace the $txn_id value from the required download value.

You will get this line:
<script language="javascript" src="http://www.payloadz.com/d1/getDownload.asp?txn_Id=$txn_Id"></script>

You have to replace it like:
<script language="javascript" src="http://www.payloadz.com/d1/getDownload.asp?txn_Id= PL52968071B88D4A9">

where “PL52968071B88D4A9” is product txn_id.

These are following JavaScript variables returned by our application:

•    receiver_email
•    user_name
•    payer_email
•    bus_name
•    txn_id
•    ItemName
•    key_value
•    ItemID
•    File_Name
•    num_cart_items
•    fileDownloadUrl
•    UpSellURL
•    UpSellItemName
•    UpSellCurrencySymbol
•    UpSellItemPrice

[Note: These variables are case sensitive]

You can use above variables as you want in your page. Click here to see example provided by us. In this sample page, we are calling JavaScript function setPayloadzVar(); to set the variables in particular div.

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