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Subscription Downloads

The Subscription System allows your buyers to use the PayPal subscription system for your products with PayLoadz. When you set a subscription, you can offer subscribers a trial period, special introductory rate and a regular rate.

Note: The Subscription System requires that the email used in your PayLoadz Profile must match the email designated as your primary email in your PayPal account.

You are also required to use the GoLink for purchase buttons used on your website. You can obtain the GoLink HTML code for subscriptions by following the steps listed below. 


To use the subscription system:

  1. Create your products to sell with PayLoadz.  Next, click on the Selling tab in your PayLoadz account. Under the "Product Summary" section click on the "Details" link corresponding to product for which you want to set a subscription.
  2. On the Product Details page under "OPTIONAL PRODUCT FEATURES" section there is link for setting subscription for your products under the heading "Product Subscription System".
  3. By clicking this link you will be redirected to the Subscription Profile page where you can set values for your subscription for a particular product.
  4. Please note the following in setting up the subscription values:
    • Trial Period Billing Cycle: Use this to define a trial period for the subscription - once the trial period ends the buyer will charged according to the terms set for Regular Subscription Billing.
    • Regular Subscription Period: Enter subscription price (this is the amount the subscriber will be charged for initial and renewal subscriptions).
    • Regular Subscription Time Period (Units): Here you will select the interval term of your subscription. For example if you are selling a subscription that will be based on days, weeks, months or years.
    • Regular Subscription Time Period: Here you set the number of days, weeks, months, years of the subscription.
    • After how many Cycle should billing stop: Here you define the number of times the subscription should renew.
    • Example: If you select "Days", then "10", you will be selling a subscription that charges every 10 days indefinitely. None of the subscription options have an end period at this time. For most people, the period units will be "Months" and the Time Period will be 1 which will be a monthly subscription.
  5. Once you have set the subscription terms for your particular product, our system will generate HTML code for the "Subscribe" button for that particular product on the Button Code Generator page found by choosing "Button Code Generator" under the Selling tab in your PayLoadz account. 
  6. The HTML code generated is in GoLink format and you can copy the HTML code for a subscription button for a particular product and paste it on your website.  By clicking on this subscription button, buyers can subscribe to your products.
  7. The GoLink code for the Subscription button will redirect the buyer to PayPal and the buyer can make their first subscription payment and will be billed through their PayPal account according to how you set the subscription price provided on the Product Set-up page.
  8. Upon signup, the customer can be sent to download a file that is attached to the product immediately. After that, you will need to update the subscription content (product file) and send the subscription downloads to your subscribers by choosing "Send a Download" under the Selling tab in your PayLoadz account.  There will be an option to send your download to a active subscriber list when doing this.  To send more than one product at a time to your subscriber list, hold the "Ctrl" key down on your keyboard and click on all of the products you would like to send.
  9. When any buyer purchases the subscription, the subscription payments will go directly to your PayPal account.

Sending Subscription Updates:

To send out updated content to your subscribers follow these steps:

1. Log into your account and look at the drop-down menu under the tab "Selling" select "View Products". Select this and it take to the page that allows you to see all your products.
2. Find the subscription product in your product list and click on the small icon on the right-hand side and from the drop-down menu select "Change File" option on the right side.
3. Upload the new file. This will change the subscription product file so new subscribers receive the latest product file.

You can now send the new content via download to your subscribers.

From the "Product Detail" page chose "Send Download" and then chose to send the download to your "Active Subscribers".

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