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Software Registration System

Software Registration System

Some merchants may have enabled a registration system on their products. This means, that in order for their product to work, a specially generated code has to be entered someplace after the customer has downloaded the file.

To access the Software Registration System, go to the Product Detail page for any item in your account. Once there, click on the link under the "Registration System" section.

Note: We do not provide support for the actual creation of a registration system for your product. We only enable the delivery of keys to your customer. It is the responsibility of the merchant to enable this type of protection on their product. We do not endorse any particular vendor for creating such a feature.

If you already have a registration system in place for your product, then you can use our system to send keys to customers after they have paid for your item. The Software Registration System can be accessed from the product detail page. There are two options in creating and delivering your keys to your customers.

Option #1: Upload Keys

Use this option if you have already created several valid keys for your product. This option allows you to take a file that includes as many keys as you like and upload them to our server. When a customer purchases on of your items, the system will issue one of the keys from the file you uploaded. That key will not be reissued and will be tied to that specific transaction. A sample file format is provided on the upload file page after the “Choose Registration Method” page.

Option #2: Use Remote Key Script

Use this option if you have a key generating script running on a remote web server. You need to enter the location of your remote script after choosing this method. When a customer buys this product our web server will call the URL of your script and it will send a form POST of the purchase details. Your script can use this information to generate a specific key tied to that customer, or, it can disregard the information and simply generate an activation key for that product.

To use the second option, your script must return key value in the following XML compliant format:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

You are only required to supply the key_value_1 node, but may choose to use the other variables to provide a key name, or to provide an additional key for those products that have more than one key to activate.

Note: The second option is more powerful and allows for customization in that you can provide names for your key, or provide more than one key for your product. Also, your script receives a form POST with all of the purchase details meaning that you can tie the key to a specific variable in the payment details. For instance, you can use the PayPal option field to include a user populated field that you can use to generate the key off of, say their machine ID, or a product version.

Option #3: Single Password

Use this option if you would like to set a single password for all of your purchases. This is the simplest method of protection to setup. Programs like Adobe Acrobat allow you to set a single password to protect a document. Using this method will allow you to provide a single password to be used for all purchases.

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