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Payloadz Advanced Functionality

This section contains advanced topics for use of the PayLoadz System. Some functions require an advanced level of technical expertise to enable. Below are simple explanations of the functions covered in the Advanced Functionality Section along with links to specific instructions for each of these PayLoadz functions.

As a seller you can offer your customers discounts using our system. You can create a new discount at the following address once you are logged into your account: https://www.payloadz.com/sell/disc_setup.asp. You can also access the discount functions via the "Selling" tab in your account. For specific information on creating discounts click here.

Product Key and Serial Delivery
Also known as the "Software Registration System". Some merchants may have enabled a registration system on their products. This means, that in order for their product to work, a specially generated code has to be entered someplace after the customer has downloaded the file. To access the Product Key and Serial Delivery or Software Registration System, go to the Product Detail page for any item in your account. Once there, click on the link under the "Software Registration System" section. For more information click here.

3rd Party Tracking Code
If you want to track other systems, Payloadz 3rd party tracking code is what you need. This code allows you to track more than one system. It's great for Affiliate tracking, Google Adwords tracking, Google Analytics tracking and others.  For more information click here

Donation Downloads
Now you can offer your customers your products for any price they want to pay or donate. The process is usually called "donation based download" and it allows your customers to enter their own price for an item during checkout.  For help getting started with Donation Download click here

Subscription Downloads
The Subscription System of PayLoadz allows your buyers to use the PayPal subscription system for your products with PayLoadz. When you set a subscription, you can offer subscribers a trial period, special introductory rate and a regular rate. For specific instructions click here

Remote Download Pages
This option is to have a download page on a remote site instead of using the built in PayLoadz download page. This should only be used in rare circumstances where the seller needs to customize the download page extensively. We provide a Download page with javascript variables. For more information click here.

Selling Media.com Files
You must have both a media.com and a Payloadz account to use this option. For more information click here.

Using PayPal Payflow Pro with Authorize .net
Payloadz contains fully-integrated support for the PayPal PayFlow Pro (formerly VeriSign) payment service. PayFlow Pro delivers a flexible service designed to accommodate the varied processing needs of sellers, from those who have a few orders a day to those who process thousands of transactions daily. For help using this function click here.

Using PayPal Pro with PayLoadz
For information on using PayPal Pro with PayLoadz click here.

How to Use Sample File 
If you want to provide a sample file to your potential customers this is the function you need. For information on how to use this function click here.

Free Download File 
A very useful tool to help you increase your business. This function allows you to provide the download link to any user without making payment and can be useful for promoting products. To get started with Free Download file function click here.

Product Promotional Setting
Product Promotional Feature: PayLoadz offers Product promotion feature which can used to promote your products. Once you have setup product under your PayLoadz account, you can use product promotional feature. With this feature you can give any product a promotional price for a limited time period set by you. As soon as product promotional time expires, our system reverts back to the original price of your product click here.

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