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Product Promotional Setting

Product Promotional Feature

Product promotion feature is used to promote your products. Once you have setup product under your PayLoadz account, you can use product promotional feature. Here you can provide the product promotional price for a limited time duration mentioned by you. As soon as, product promotional time expires, our system reverts back your original price of product.

Steps to configure Product Promotional Price:

       1.  Login into your PayLoadz account.

       2.  Select Selling->View All Products from top menu.

       3.  Click on "Details" link of for the product you want to set a promotional price.

       4.  Click on Promotional Feature option from right side menu.




       5.  On product promotional setting form, provide the required details and save the settings.

  i. To use this feature you must have Premium Account. To upgrade your account, please click here.
  ii. Your product should also be listed on PayLoadz Store.

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