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eBook Selling Best Practices

While selling an eBook, Price is not the single factor which influences the decision of a reader's purchase. Sometimes free eBooks have less downloads than high price eBooks. There are several factors which attract a buyer and can result in good sales:

Content should be well managed; you can hyperlink your Table of contents and Index to specific pages of your books. Font, color scheme, header and footers should be taken chosen.

 Cover Image Cover Image is a very essential part of an eBook. Cover of a book is as important as its content and it grabs the first attention of a reader. A unique Cover sells Itself.  Cover Image should be clear and specific to the theme of eBook so that a buyer is able to get a general idea about your eBook. So it is advised that your eBook have a eye-catching Cover Image.

 Price The price of book should be fair so that you can sell more copies. Before fixing the price of a book, it is best to look at similar type of books available on the web.

 Store listing The best way to promote your sale is listing your product on PayLoadz store http://store.payloadz.com/

While listing your eBook on store, please take care of following items:

Category: Product should be listed in exact category and Subcategory. Buyers look the products in specific category and sub category as per requirements and if it will not be listed in correct category then buyer may miss your product. If you want then you can list your product in multiple categories. Please check below image:

store listing set-up.jpg


Keywords: Basically the Keywords are used in search. It is not possible for a customer to check all the products of any site so generally a buyer will search the products according to their needs and requirements using keywords, here is where your selected keywords performs a major role. You must proceed with clarity to choose the keywords that will express the purpose of your product. So, always add keywords which are related to your product. You can add different keywords with your product, please check below image:



Description: Product Description is the most important thing while selling any product, because only with description can you tell the customer about your product. Always be accurate in your product descriptions, tell your customers what your product, highlight features and benefits of your product so the customer can get a clear picture of your product. You can use different formatting in the description of your products or hyperlinks or images or videos can be added in description through HTML using Source button in Description text editor, please check below image:



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