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Creating eBook

Creating eBook is not a very tough task if you have all the required content. A few things should be taken care of while creating an eBook:

-Adding images is sometimes good for explanation of terms.

-Table of content should be clearly defined.

-Table of content entries should have hyperlinks to related pages.

-Headers and Footers can be added on each page.

-Punctuation should be correct, it is better to run spell checker once before converting into final product.

-Cover Images should be relevant to the theme of eBook.

-eBook title should be unique and should be clearly understandable.

Once you have the entire content ready, it can be easily converted into PDF document. Now some softwares are also available in the market which can easily convert your document into eBook.

Note: It is important to check the eBook version on different devices once before publishing it.

eBook Reading: Adobe Acrobat sotwares allows you to write, edit and read PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat reader is easily available for reading PDF documents and mostly supported by all computer devices.

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