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Increasing Sales 7: Finding Your Marketing Niche

We've already talked about the importance of increasing views and driving traffic in the Increasing Sales 1 lesson. Now it's time to talk about another important aspect of marketing: finding your niche.


Try a Bit of Everything

Ideally, you'll eventually find the niche where your marketing and promotional efforts are most effective, and that's where you'll concentrate much of your energy. In the beginning, though, it's all about finding that niche. In order to accomplish this goal, you should try a little bit of everything to get a feel for what seems effective.


See What Sticks

When you're trying a variety of promotional avenues and tactics, pay special attention to what seems to be most effective. Are the bulk of your incoming leads originating from social media posts? Then social media is a tool that's proven to be effective for you, and something you should make a point of continuing as a marketer. Are your blog posts about new products or concepts driving traffic? Make a point of updating every week to keep the flow steady.


Measuring is a Must

Now you know it's important to try a bit of everything and to see what sticks, but you'll have to have a reliable way of measuring the metrics to figure out the second half of the equation. You won't know what works if you're not measuring traffic, leads and conversions.


Google Analytics

As the most popular web analytics service on the Internet, Google Analytics is a powerful and important tool. With Google Analytics, you can track and review the sources of your web traffic, so you know where you're most effective and how your marketing schemes are working.


PayLoadz Conversion Tracking

Using PayLoadz as your ecommerce platform means you have access to the PayLoadz Conversion Tracking features. All you need to do is drop the code into your profile, and you're ready to analyze your web store traffic effectively.


Dominating Your Niche

After some trial and error, you should have a very strong idea of what works and what doesn't, in terms of marketing. You’ve isolated a few promising areas, and now it's time to start dominating each niche, one by one. Dominating and expanding means you're able to maximize your potential across the board, rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket.



Think about your target audience. Where are they most likely to be receptive to your offerings? Does your audience congregate on a message board? Are they active Twitter and Facebook users? Isolate your target audience, then come up with ways of getting their attention so you can begin to dominate that marketing niche. It's all up to you; your product won't sell if they can't find it, so your sales depend on your ability to find your marketing niche.

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