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Creating the Perfect Marketplace Listing

Marketing your product organically is incredibly important. Social media and affiliate marketing efforts can make a very real difference in your sales success, but they're not the only ways to drive traffic to your products.


Putting it in the Store

Taking advantage of marketplace listings can generate a substantial number of sales which you would otherwise have missed, because potential customers far outside your marketing reach are often browsing the listings. Don't neglect this important part of your sales outreach effort; put your digital products in the centralized store.



You may have one of the strongest digital products out there, but you'll struggle to build sales if your description is too vague. The description field gives you an opportunity to not only explain what your product does or how it works, but also to sell it more effectively. Take your time to craft a thorough, upbeat and positive product description, and you'll catch the eye of marketplace browsers.


Better Title

What's your product called? Unless you've been working on your product title for weeks or have had a strike of true inspiration, it can probably be better. Think about not only the purpose your product serves, but also what you want to convey with the name of your digital good. Excitement? Creativity? Pure functionality? Whatever your product is and whatever need it fills should be reflected in the name you choose.


Category Selection

Most people don't browse through every type of product available on a large marketplace. They know what type of digital good they're looking for, and they filter accordingly. That means you'll need to make sure you're categorizing your product accurately, because software customers won't be looking for a new program under the "Music" heading. Double- and triple-check your category selections to make sure you've checked all the right boxes while crafting your listing.


Key Words

Some customers filter down to category in order to find a broad range of products meeting basic criteria; others will search for specific terms. Imagine yourself as a customer in the market for a product just like yours: what search terms would you use? This is a good guideline for choosing keywords as part of the listing process.


Sample File

People tend to be more likely to make a purchase if they have a good idea of what they're buying before completing a transaction. A sample file gives your customers a basis for forming an opinion, and a great sample encourages them to make a purchase.


Speaking of sample files; be generous. You certainly don't want to give away the entire product for free, but you also don't want to leave your potential buyers still in the dark about how your product operates or its quality. Make sure your sample files are adequate enough to spark their interest, and brief enough to leave them wanting more.


More Pictures

There's almost no such thing as "too many product images." Adding more pictures to your listing is another way of showcasing your products, letting customers know exactly what to expect from your digital goods. When in doubt, add more pictures.



Start planning your listing today. Make a checklist of all the tasks you still need to complete, and address each item individually. Perfect your product description, tweak the product name, come up with the perfect keywords and plan your samples. When you're ready to create your marketplace listing, you'll have a predefined starting point to guide the way and save you time.


Are you ready to start preparing for listing in the marketplace? The timeline is yours to set; when will you start selling your digital good?

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