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Putting Your Digital Good Out There

You have a finished product and are ready for release; now what? You only get one shot at a new product launch. Even though you can always pull your products or edit listings later to better reflect your vision, you can't turn back the clock for potential customers who've already formed a first impression of your business. That's why it's so important to focus on getting it right the first time when you're putting your digital good out there.


Listing Basics

Snappy sales copy is a great way to catch prospective buyers' eye, but you won't hold their attention long if they're not able to figure out what you're selling them. Make sure your listing is as clear and concise as it is fun to read. At a glance, anyone checking out your listing should be able to figure out what type of product you're selling, who the target audience is and what need it fills. If they're not able to establish this very basic product information with relative ease, they'll move on to the next option with more informative listing copy.


Product Name

Sometimes, it can feel like naming your product is more difficult than conceptualization, creation and release rolled into one. Whether this is your first digital good release or your tenth, you know that a strong name is vital. Not only will this be the name attached to your product, but also one of the names attached to your brand as a whole. If this is your first release, the name of your digital good will essentially be your brand name, so it's important to focus on getting it right.


Imaginative spelling, for instance, can set your product name apart from the competition. At the same time, a very creative spelling can make it difficult for potential customers to find your product if its recommended to them. Rather than changing the spelling to differentiate your product from one with a similar name, consider coming up with a new name altogether. Your customers, your competition and your bottom line will thank you.


Testing the Download

You can't start a successful ecommerce business if your customers aren't able to download functioning files from your store. Broken files don't just cast a pall over your launch; they send the message of poor quality to early adopters. Make sure you're carefully testing for bugs before you release, because you can't undo a defective product launch.


Uploading the File

You have strong listing copy, a compelling product name and you've tested your download carefully. Now, all that's left to do is officially launching your product! PayLoadz makes uploading your file quick and easy, so you're able to focus on the most important parts of your launch.



Do you have a business plan in place for launch yet? Start thinking about your product name, experimenting with listing copy phrasing and testing your download early. By brainstorming about release in advance, you're already ahead of the curve.


  • What's the name of your product?


  • How much information does your listing copy need to convey?


Does your download function as intended?

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