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Why Does Product Listing Not Show?

Why Does Product Listing Not Show?

Your products will appear in the PayLoadz Store and Category sections only if it is a Featured Listing. If the product is not a featured listing it can be found by searching for product using title name or keywords or by seller providing direct link to the buyer.

Please see the following:

What is a Featured Listing?
The idea behind a featured listing is pretty simple. It’s just a listing that you pay a little extra for – you make an investment and your product is featured over others in its category. This helps draw more attention to what you’re offering. These types of listings allow for you to gain more exposure in the PayLoadz Store .

What is the Purpose of a Featured Listing?
The traditional idea behind the use of a featured listing is to highlight a product. Using featured listings on PayLoadz helps broadcast your products to potential (and returning) customers. The purpose of this is simply to increase your sales and boost your bottom line. Who doesn’t want to make a profit selling their virtual goods?

How Long Will the Featured Listing Last?
The length of time that a featured listing will last on PayLoadz really just depends on you. Your featured listing will last until your featured listing account is depleted of funds or you decide to take it down. You can renew your featured listing account as often as you like.

How Much Does a Featured Listing Cost?
The investment to have a featured listing is relatively small, especially when compared to other online stores that you may offer your products on.

The minimum cost per click is $0.10 and maximum is $0.25. System will decide any amount per click between 10 cents and 25 cents.

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