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Q1. What is PayLoadz?

PayLoadz is a platform to sell digital goods that can be delivered and downloaded online such as eBooks, music, software, videos, templates, instructions and patterns.When customers make purchases, PayLoadz automatically delivers the items securely and immediately after payments are received.

PayLoadz makes it easy to sell digital goods by providing various tools and services to promote, sell and deliver goods. Products can be sold on websites, blogs, the PayLoadz Store, social media sites and email. All sellers are required to do is post the links or paste the HTML codes that PayLoadz provides wherever they wish to sell digital goods.

Q2. Who uses PayLoadz?

The following types of people use PayLoadz, a service to sell digital goods:

1.     Merchants—Merchants create their own digital goods and sell them through their websites and other online methods. Merchants also include people who don’t have websites and use auction sites such as eBay, online stores such as the PayLoadz Store and email lists to sell their goods.PayLoadz helps merchants sell digital goods through all these mediums.

2.     Affiliates—Affiliates promote digital goods sold by merchants on PayLoadz and earn commissions on sales referred by them. Affiliates use websites, social media sites, email lists and auctions to promote digital goods to prospective buyers.

3.     Buyers—Buyers purchase digital goods on merchant websites, affiliate websites and auction sites. Buyers might not know whether they purchase products through PayLoadz because the service works in the background. Buyers can also visit the PayLoadz Store directly to purchase digital products listed for sale.PayLoadz always ensures that bought goods are delivered to buyers immediately after purchase.

Q3. How does PayLoadz work?

PayLoadz makes it easy to sell and deliver digital goods. Here is the process through which sellers list products for sale and have them delivered to buyers after purchase:

1.     Create a PayLoadz account by signing up through email or through Google, Yahoo!or Facebook.

2.     Set up payment options by visiting your PayLoadz profile.  Payment options include PayPal, Google Wallet and 2Checkout.

3.     Create a product for sale by providing the required information and uploading the product files. Optionally, create a PayLoadz Store listing for the product.

4.     Copy the purchase button or link code, and paste it wherever you wish to sell the product.

The digital product is now ready to be purchased.

5.     Customers find products on websites and click the purchase buttons/links generated from the PayLoadz system.

6.     Customers, depending on the option chosen by sellers, are shown the payment page from the payment processor. Customers pay for the digital products.

7.     After successful payment, the payment processor notifies PayLoadz and provides the transaction details. This instant process remains invisible to buyers.

8.     Using the transaction details, customers are provided instant access to their purchases by redirecting them to the download page.

9.     PayLoadz sends customers an email containing the link to download digital products they just purchased. This happens through PayLoadz’s automated delivery service; sellers don’t manually deliver products.

10.    After customers complete purchases, sellers are notified with two emails: One email is the notification of payment from the payment processor, and the other is the duplicate of the download email sent to the customer by PayLoadz. The duplicate email is sent to sellers so they can provide it to their customers if need be.

Q4. What digital goods can be sold with PayLoadz?

PayLoadz allows you to sell any type of digital goods that can be delivered and downloaded online. Here are some examples:

  • EBooks—EBooks can be in any format, such as PDF or EPUB, which can be downloaded on a computer.
  • Music and other audio files—This includes songs and audiobooks.
  • Movies and videos—This includes full-length movies and short video clips.
  • Photos and images—This includes digital photographs, stock images and clip art.
  • Software—Any type of software that can be downloaded on a computer applies here.
  • Games—This includes downloadable video games.
  • Documents and templates—Documents and templates can be in formats such as MS-Word, PDF and MS-PowerPoint.
  • Craft and design patterns— This includes designs and patterns for sewing, knitting and jewelry.
  • Other files—This includes wallpapers, fonts, website themes and everything else.

Consider the restrictions:

  • You should own the content you sell.
  • You cannot sell illegal products or pornography.

Q5. What is PayPal?

PayPal—PayPal works for buyers in more than190 countries and regions across the world. It processes payments in 24 currencies. Users can make payments through their PayPal balances, bank accounts and credit or debit cards.  PayPal offers a special feature called “micropayments” for selling digital goods priced below a specified amount in a particular currency. The transaction fee charged by PayPal on micropayments is less than the regular transaction fee.

Q6. I don't have a website. Can I still use PayLoadz to sell my digital goods?

Absolutely.PayLoadz provides several options for sellers who don’t have a website.

  • PayLoadz Store—Whether you’re a PayLoadz Express user or have a PayLoadz Premium account, you can list your products on thePayLoadz Store and create product listings.
  • Auction Sites—You can list your items for sale on auctions sites such as eBay and uBid.com. Learn how to sell downloads on eBay.
  • File Sharing Sites—You can sell files on file sharing sites such as RapidShare and MediaFire through PayLoadz. Learn how to sell RapidShare files with PayLoadz.
  • Social Media—You can post the purchase GoLinks for your digital products on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Emails—If you have an email list that you use to promote products, you can send the purchase GoLinks through email.

Q7. How does PayLoadz address digital piracy and fraud?

To ensure safe and secure payment transactions, PayLoadz has put in place several safeguards such as blacklisting, address verification, CVV codes and computer address verification.

To prevent digital piracy and ensure the security of digital goods,PayLoadz uses industry-standard encryption and SSL certificates on the PayLoadz website.

PayLoadz also provides options to sellers to protect digital goods against piracy:

Download Limit—This limit can be set by sellers to restrict the number of times files can be downloaded by buyers. Once the download limit is reached, the download link is deactivated to prevent further downloads.

IP Address Limit—PayLoadz allows setting up a limit on the number of times an IP address can be used to download a file. That limits the number of computers that can download the file.  The download link is deactivated as soon as the maximum limit for downloads from an IP address is reached.

Q8. What are the different types of eBook formats?

The demand for eBooks led to the creation of multiple eBook formats.An author needs to know about eBook formats because they affect the market. Here are the most popular eBook formats:

  1. PDF—PDF is the most popular format for eBooks because it’s supported on almost all e-reading devices, smartphones and tablets.A PDF file can be viewed on desktops and laptops as well, which makes it the universal format for publishing eBooks. 
  2. EPUB—EPUB was developed as an open standard for publishing eBooks and to make eBooks device and vendor independent. The EPUB format is supported on all major reading devices such as Nook, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Sony Reader, Kobo eReader and Android-based smartphones and tablets.  The only major player that does not support the EPUB format is Amazon Kindle, which uses a modified version of the Mobipocket format.

To know about other eBook formats and supporting devices, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats.

Q9. What is the difference between PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro?

PayPal offers different types of business accounts to sellers for receiving payments.You can use any of the business accounts offered by PayPal to sell your digital goods through PayLoadz.There are three key differences between PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro:

  1. PayPal Standard accounts have no monthly fee; there is a $30 monthly recurring fee for a PayPal Pro account.
  2. Buyers who use PayPal Standard accounts are redirected to PayPal’s website for making payments. Buyers who use PayPal Pro accounts complete payments on the seller’s website.
  3. PayPal Pro users can customize and host checkout pages; PayPal Standard users can’t.

For a full list of features and differences between PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro accounts, please visit https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/compare-business-products.

Q10. What is the process to create an eBook?

Creating an eBook is easy with the right tools and content in place.These steps are involved in creating an eBook:

Content Creation—This first step involves writing content using any word processing tool such as MS-Word. Create a table of contents and link items there to related pages in the document.  Choose styling such as fonts, header and footer elements, and line spacing. Check content for grammar and spelling.

Images—Select the cover image, keeping the theme of the eBook in mind. Images can also be used inside the eBook to provide examples.

EBook Formats—Choose the eBook format and convert the document to that format. The most popular formats are PDF and EPUB.Most eBook readers, smartphones and tablets support them. PDF eBooks can also be read on computers. Several free and commercial tools are available for converting eBooks in the desired formats. Word processing tools like MS-Word provide features to save documents in PDF format.

Q11. What are the PayLoadz features for selling digital goods?

PayLoadz provides several features and tools to make selling digital goods easy and profitable.  Here is a brief overview of the features provided by PayLoadz:

  1. Sell Anywhere—PayLaodz enables you to sell digital products nearly anywhere online. If you have a website or a blog, you can sell your products there. If not, or if you want other options, use PayLoadz to sell digital goods on social media sites, forums, auction sites and through email.

  2. Sell Anything—With PayLaodz, you can sell just about any digital good that can be downloaded online: eBooks, music, videos, craft templates, software or any other file.

  3. PayLoadz Express—This simple service offered by PayLoadz allows you to sell individual products quickly and easily. 

  4. Personalized Storefront—With PayLoadz, you can create a beautiful storefront with a unique and personalized domain name like https://yourstore.payloadz.com. This store will list only your products.

  5. Unlimited File Storage—Unlike other services, PayLoadz does not put a limit on the number of product files or the space used for storing the files on PayLoadz servers.Sellers can upload as many files and use as much space as required to store product files.

  6. Unlimited Products—Some services charge sellers based on the number of products they sell, but PayLoadz allows sellers to create an unlimited number of products and list them on the PayLoadz Store or anywhere on the Web.

  7. Multiple Payment Options—PayLoadz provides many payment options that can be used to sell products and receive payments from more than 190 countries and in more than 20 currencies. 

  8. Security—The security of your files, transactions and payments are important to PayLoadz. Your files are stored on the highly secure Amazon S3 servers. The transactions and payment information are encrypted and transmitted to and from payment processors in secure session through SSL.PayLoadz also tracks IP addresses, download counts, download attempts, time stamping and user location to ensure security of your files.

  9. Automated Delivery—There is no need to manually process and fulfill orders when you use PayLoadz. The automated delivery system ensures product files are delivered to the right buyers as soon as the purchase is successfully completed.

  10. Affiliate System—All PayLoadz accounts are provided a turnkey affiliate system of more than 100,000 affiliates willing to promote products and help sell them. The PayLoadz affiliate system allows sellers to set up products to be promoted by affiliates, fix the payout for each sale and to track sales and referrals.

  11. Product Registration—Product registration is used by software sellers to ensure that only those who have made payments and obtained product keys can use the software. PayLoadz allows delivering the product serials and keys to buyers after they make payments and complete purchases.

  12. Bulk Product Import—Sellers with several products can use the bulk import feature to avoid manually creating each product.This saves time by allowing sellers to create multiple products all at once.The process of importing products is simple; all a seller needs to do is download a sample listing file from thePayLoadz account, fill in the product details and upload it back to the account.

  13. Sample Files—Sample files provide customers the option to preview products before making purchases. Samples files and previews can be attached to each product listed for sale.

  14. Discount System—Promote your products and reward loyal customers by using the discount system provided by PayLoadz. Discounts can be applied to products for a given period and then return to their original prices.

  15. Product and Sales History—View your product and sales history online. Take your data with you by exporting it from an easy-to-use interface.

  16. Products Subscription System—Allow buyers to subscribe to your product, and charge them at regular intervals using PayLoadz along with the PayPal subscription payment system.You can also offer a trial period to subscribers and start charging the subscription fee when the trial period ends.
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