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How Do I Sell with PayLoadz on MySpace?

MySpace is popular among musicians, bands and artists for promoting their music and videos. You can easily sell digital goods on your MySpace profile with PayLoadz. MySpace has two versions: the classic MySpace and the new MySpace. We will show you how to sell digital goods on both.

MySpace Classic

1. Login to your PayLoadz account using your email/username and password. 

2. Click on View Products under the “Selling” tab in the top navigation menu.

3. Hover your mouse over the dropdown button beside the “Details” link for the product that you wish to sell, and click on “Code Generator” in the dropdown list.


4. Select the payment option that you would like to use in the “Select Buttons” dropdown.


5. Copy the code for button image or text link, depending on your preference, under “Single Item Purchase.”

6. Visit your MySpace profile, and click on the edit icon under “Blurbs” section.



7. In the pop up box, paste the PayLaodz code wherever you want the purchase link or button to appear, and click on “Save Changes.”


8. Return to your profile and refresh the page. The purchase button or link should now be visible in the “About me” section.



MySpace New

MySpace recently launched a new version of its website and does not allow editing HTML anymore. It is not possible to sell on the new MySpace with the usual “Buy Now” buttons. You may, however, share the purchase link in your MySpace Stream, which your friends will see and can click through to purchase.  Please follow the steps below to do that:

1. Follow steps 1 through 3 outlined above for MySpace Classic.

2. Copy the URL provided under “Single Item Purchase.”


3. Open MySpace, and paste the copied URL in the message box.You may want to add some text along with the URL for your MySpace friends to read.


4. Click “Post.”

Your MySpace friends will now see the purchase URL along with the message in theirStream.

Tip: Consider sharing the purchase URL periodically along with different messages to promote your digital product. You can also share the purchase URL in your reply to someone’s update.


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