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Problems with HTML Code for Payment Buttons

Avoiding Problems with Pasted HTML Code for Payment Buttons

Our HTML code generally will work with any web builder software that allows you to use HTML code, however, each web site builder software may use a different method for doing so.

One web site builder software will require the code be placed directly into the HTML Source and yet a different web site builder software will require the HTML be inserted into a HTML widget or plug-in. Please consult the Help or Support documentation of the web site builder software you are using to find out how to add HTML code.

After you paste the code onto your webpage or into your email, ensure that it matches exactly the code that you copied from PayLoadz. Pasted code may not match the generated code for the following reasons:

  • You did not copy all of the generated code.
  • Your editing tool may have special areas for pasting HTML code and other areas for pasting URLs and display text. Be sure you paste the generated code into a field that accepts HTML code or URLs.
  • Your editing tool might change some characters in the pasted code.
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