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How many times can a customer download my product?

Our system prevents excessive downloading by limiting the availability of the product to the customer for each transaction. Our system sets the download count and download period automatically based on several factors including file type, file size, customer email domain, amount of items purchased in order, selling volume of merchant, and IP address.

Using different weights and values for each of the variables our system designates how long a file will be available for and how many times someone can fully download the product. We have derived the most reliable method over our million transactions processed to ensure an enjoyable customer experience while limiting link piracy/abuse. Each link give to a customer is encoded with the PayPal transaction id for that order.

A download page can stay active for various amounts of time after purchase. Because our system tracks access to the download page for the customer, we may or may not provide them with an active download link.

For instance, if the download page for an order had never been accessed according to our server, then our system will provide the person with an active download link. This can be several days or weeks after the initial order. Because no one had ever accessed the download page, the download link will still be active. Conversely, if a download page had been accessed several times from several different ip addresses in a very short time span, say an hour, then our system will display the download expired page and the original customer will have to request additional downloads from the merchant by filling out a request form.

For Basic account holders it can vary between 1 attempt and up to 10 attempts based on a variety of factors such as: file size, price of product, purchaser email address, purchaser IP address, etc.

For Premium account holders there are two security settings that the account holder can control; these are Download Count and IP Addresses allowed access. The download count determines the number of times the download can be downloaded; the IP address setting is the number of the number of computers can access the download files. If either of these are exceed by a customer then the download link will deactivate.

To modify the Download Count and how many unique IP Addresses can access your product for download, log into your account and go to the Account tab, from the drop-down menu select PayLoadz Profile. On the PayLoadz Profile page you will find the Download Count and IP Address fields and can change these to a few or many as you desire.

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