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Got More Questions?

This section of Payloadz Help provides you with answers to your questions concerning both technical and non technical concerns. Buyers and sellers both will find answers here.

You'll find answers relating to:
 ๏ set-up
 ๏ testing
 ๏ using Affiliate Builder
 ๏ system operation and integration,
 ๏ general questions regarding your account
 ๏ other common questions from account holders and buyers.

Please Note:  Buyers and Affiliate Questions are at the bottom of the page.

Sellers Questions

How do I get my PayPal account verified/ set up PayPal IPN preferences?
Follow the step-by-step instructions in Getting Started.  For further PayPal help contact them directly at the following address: http://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/helpscr?cmd=_help&t=escalateTab  or go to PayPal Public Forums: http://www.paypaldev.org  

How do I enable Google Checkout?
You must enter the following address in your Google Checkout Integration page as the API Callback URL: https://www.payloadz.com/pay/gc/index.asp . Also you must enable Google checkout in your PayLoadz Profile.

What do I do if I receive a Google Checkout “unsuccessful notification” message?
If you receive this message from Google Checkout:
"We've made several unsuccessful attempts to send order notifications to your notification callback URL, https://www.payloadz.com/pay/gc/index.asp As a result, you aren’t receiving order status, risk, or other notifications." enter the above URL into your Google Checkout Integration Page as the API Callback URL. If this does not help then contact Google Checkout directly.

How do I set up my profile?
The following information covers the process of setting up your PayLoadz Account Profile. You can access your PayLoadz Account Profile in one of two ways:

Log into your account at https://www.payloadz.com/login.asp. Then click on the "Account" tab at the top of the page. "Under Selling Account Options", click on "Profile". You can also access your PayLoadz Account Profile by going to the following URL: https://www.payloadz.com/account/profile.asp

What Information is required for my PayLoadz profile?
You have to complete one of the following steps depending on whether you are using PayPal Payments or Google Checkout as your payment process. If you are going to offer both payment options, then you will need to fill in both profile sections.

How can I get a Featured Listing?
You can get a Payloadz Store Featured Listing Account here.  Paylaodz Featured Listing features allows you to have more exposure for your products in our Store.  When using this option you will incur a charge of $0.10 per click that occurs when an Store visitor visits your product listing via one of the Featured Listing placements. Payloads will match the amount you deposit in your Feature Listing Account for all new users. So if you deposit $20 to fund your account, we will give you $40 worth of Featured Listing services.  The amount is credited automatically after payment.

How do I set up my Payloadz account for Paypal payments?
To complete the link between PayPal and the PayLoadz  system, you need your Primary PayPal Email Address that you use for your PayPal Account. If you are not sure which email address in your PayPal account is your Primary address, click here to view the email addresses in your PayPal account (this page will also allow you to add a new email address, or change the Primary email address for your account.

Once you make note of the Primary PayPal Email Address, go to you PayLoadz Profile here:
http://payloadz.com/account/profile.asp  Enter the email address in the field labeled "Primary PayPal Email Address". All other fields on this page are optional. Submit the form using the "Update" button found on the bottom of the page. Once the above is completed, the configuration between PayPal and PayLoadz is complete.

How do I set up my profile for Google Checkout?
Obtain your Google Merchant information from the Google Checkout site. Enter that information in your PayLoadz profile. To obtain your selling information, go to the following address in your web browser: https://checkout.google.com/sell/settings?section=Integration

On the above page, make note of your Google Merchant ID and your Google Merchant Key. You will need to enter each of these values into your PayLoadz Profile.

Go to your PayLoadz Profile here: https://www.payloadz.com/account/profile.asp
Enter the values you obtained form your Google Checkout account and click the Update link at the bottom of the page to save the information.

The image below from Google Checkout shows the place to see your Merchant ID and Merchant Key in yellow highlight.


Optional profile information
The following fields are optional when setting up your PayLoadz Profile. To set the optional profile settings, log into your PayLoadz Account and go to the following link:

Enable PayPal Checkout
This "Yes" or "No" radio button option determines whether to allow the customer to pay for your item using PayPal. If you would like customers to be able to pay you using PayPal, set this to "Yes".

PayPal Micropayments
PayPal has enabled special transaction based pricing for goods selling for very low amounts, usually less than $2.00 on certain accounts (currently limited to US Accounts) when PayPal is the sole payment solution offered to customers for micropayments transactions.

If you want to set up and use PayPal's micropayments pricing you will need to open a new PayPal account through the account registration link below.

Merchants who receive both "macro" and "micro" payments should maintain two separate accounts:

  •   Standard rate applies to "macro" payments (1.9% $0.30 USD to 2.9% $0.30 USD per transaction)
  •   Micropayments rate applies to "micro" payments (5% $0.05 USD per transaction)

Each PayPal account is associated with only one merchant processing rate. That rate determines the fee applied to funds received into that account - additional information on PayPals Standard Fees is available at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-receiving-fees-outside

For example: if your Premier/Business account rate for receiving funds is 2.9% $0.30, using PayPals 5% $0.05 micropayments rate would reduce the total transaction fee charged to payments received below the value of $12 (per payment). However, if you accept payments that are greater than $12, you would pay a lower processing charge by accepting the payment into the account set with the 2.9% $0.30 rate.

If you wish to leverage PayPal's micropayments pricing, please open a new browser window and copy and paste the link below into the URL field to open your new PayPal account with micropayments pricing of 5% $0.05.


If you have a separate PayPal Micropayment account, then enter the Primary PayPal Email Address for that account in this field. Note: To utilize the micro payment system on PayLoadz, you must be using the GoLink code format. If selling multiple items using the shopping cart code, you will also need to enable the PayLoadz Shopping Cart in your PayLoadz Profile.

For more information on the PayPal Micropayments offering, click here.

Receipt Currency
The PayLoadz system supports all currencies allowed by PayPal and Google Checkout. Currently, several currencies in over 130 countries. The currency options are:

USD US Dollar $, CAD Canadian Dollar C$, EUR Euro €, GBP Pounds Sterling, JPY Japanese Yen, AUD Australian Dollars AU$, NZD New Zealand Dollar ($), CHF Swiss Franc, HKD Hong Kong Dollar ($), SGD Singapore Dollar ($) SGD, SEK Swedish Koran SEK, DKK Danish Crone DKK, PLN Polish Zloty PLN, NOK Norwegian Crone NOK, HUF Hungarian Forint HUF, and CZK Czech Koruna CZ. 


Regardless of which currency you select as your account currency, you will be able to accept payments from anyone in any country due to the fact that the payment processors (PayPal and Google Checkout) will automatically convert the customer's home currency to the currency type you have set in your PayPal account.

This should be set to the country where you are located. This country code will be passed to the payment processor and the customer will see an interface localized to that country. Some users may want to set this to another county than the one they reside in order to make their product accessible to speakers of certain languages.

How do I add a product?
Login to your account and click on the Selling tab., then from the drop-down menu select "Create New Product ".  For more information click here

How do I test the system after set-up?
Once you have completed steps for product set-up it is important to test your new set ups to make sure everything is correct and ready for your customers to use. TO ensure your product is set up correctly use the "Test Delivery" or " Add Download Link" Do not place your items live on your website until you have fully tested and downloaded your item through the system. It is also a good idea to have a friend purchase your item to make sure the entire process works properly. You can always refund their purchase amount once you verify everything is working properly.  

TIP: Do not place your items live on your web site until you have fully tested and downloaded your item through the system. If you cannot find someone to buy your item from you, PayPal allows you to have a Personal account in addition to the Business or Premiere account you are using for the sale of your goods.

How do I test file delivery?
You should begin the process by logging into your PayLoadz account and go to the “Selling” tab. Find the product that you are having trouble with in the list and click on the link to go into the product’s detail page. If your product is not listed, click on the “View All” link in the top right hand corner to bring up the complete list of files. You may have to use the number links at the bottom of the list to find the product you are looking for.

Once you are on the product detail page, you can test the PayLoadz end of the system. You can do this in one of two ways, by using the “Test Delivery” link on this page, or by using the “Add Download Email” link on this page. The “Test Delivery” method will send the email to your username email address. The “Add Download Email” method will send a simulated purchase to any email address you choose. Next, check your email to see if the information for that product arrives. It should be sent immediately from our system, though, email networks can take several minutes for the email to actually be delivered.

How do I test the download link?
The link contained inside of the email is the same link your customers will get when they purchase an item on the live system. The links will be different if you are using a Basic Account vs. using a Premium Account.

When you receive the email with the download link, you should copy the entire link as it is displayed in the text of your email, and paste it into a new browser window’s address bar. You will then be taken to a PayLoadz page where the order is loaded. You should be able to follow the instructions on that page to download your file.

If the link works and you are presented the file for download, then you need to check your PayLoadz/PayPal Information.

How do I check my PayLoadz and PayPal information setup?
To begin this process you should log into PayLoadz account and click on the “Profile” tab. Make sure that the email address in the field specified as “PayPal Primary Email” is your Primary PayPal email. Make note of the address in this box for reference at PayPal in the next step.

Then click on the “Account” tab at the top of the PayLoadz web page. There you are displayed an IPN Link in a box you will need to copy this link and enter it at PayPal in the next step. Make sure you copy the entire link as is.

You must then log into your PayPal account. Once logged in, you will see your email address displayed as a link in the top left of the page. Click on that link. You will then be presented with a page that lists all of your emails registered in your account and their status. You MUST ensure that the email address you noted previously in your Profile at the PayLoadz web site is listed as “Primary” in the Status field. It must also NOT have “Unconfirmed” written next to it. If both of these are correct, then return to your PayPal My Account start page.

Just under the email link you clicked on to go to the email listing and status page is another field called “Status”. You must ensure that the status listed is “Verified”. If it is “Unverified”, then you will have to click on that link and follow the steps on that page before you can begin using the PayLoadz service. Once you have noted that your account is listed as “Verified” you can move on to the next step.

From the “My Account” tab, find the link just below the main tabs named “Profile”. Click this link and you will be taken to your Profile page at PayPal. Find the “Instant Payment Notification Preferences” link under the “Selling Preferences” column. Click on this link.

Once on your Instant Payment Notification Preferences page, ensure that it is set to “On” and that the URL specified is the URL copied from your PayLoadz Account tab as noted in an earlier step above. If either of these is incorrect, use the “Edit” link on this page to change this information. Once updated, make sure again that it is set to “On” and that the URL is correct.

Once the above has been completed you can begin to check the code at your web site.

My system does not function and this may be due to faulty HTML authoring. How do I check my site’s HTML code?

The PayLoadz system operates on two key elements, 1. Your PayPal Email, and 2. The Product’s item number. If either of these do not match the information that is listed at PayLoadz, then the system will not function. The steps below only pertain to you if you either used your existing PayPal code, or if you created the Buy Now buttons at PayPal or using another means. These steps are NOT necessary if you used any of the options under the “Code Generator” page at PayLoadz as the information is automatically provided correctly by us.

If your code was not issued by PayLoadz, you need to check two things for the product that is not working.

1. You will need to look at your page’s HTML source code to find this information. Find the block of code that contains the Buy Now link code. Then find the part of the code that says “business”. Just following that snippet of PayPal code should be your Primary PayPal Email address used in your PayLoadz Profile. If it is not, you will have to change this address to match the one at our site.

2. Next find the snippet of code that says “item_number”. This will then be followed by the product’s item number you specified when you created the button. This item number MUST match the item id you specified at PayLoadz. This again, can be found in the product’s detail page at PayLoadz. They cannot be different in any way, or the system will not function.

Once the code on your web site is confirmed to be correct, the system should be ready to sell. We suggest making a test transaction by one of your friends with a PayPal account. You can simply refund their purchase after you have confirmed that the system worked properly.

How do I set up Google Adwords tracking?
See 3rd Party Tracking Code for step-by-step instructions click here

How do I set up my system to sell my products on eBay?
See Selling Downloads on E-Bay for step-by-step instructions click here

How do I bulk load products?
For step-by step instructions to bulk load your products  click here.

A customer bought a product but can't download it.
Have a friend test it. (You can always give the test buyer a refund). If it is still faulty, start again and follow-step-by step instructions in Getting Started

How do I give a free item or download?
To be able to give a free download, you must be signed up with a premium account through Payloadz. To offer a free download, login to your Payloadz account and click on "Manage and Upload Files" under the Selling tab. You can upload the file there or find it under "Existing Files". Click the box next to the file you would like to offer for free and choose "Set for Free Download". Once you have set the item for free download, you will be given a link that you can add to your website that will take your visitors directly to the download page. A file that has been enabled for free download can be included with a paid product as well.

How many times can a customer download my product?
Our system prevents excessive downloading by limiting the availability of the product to the customer for each transaction. Our system sets the download count and download period automatically based on several factors including file type, file size, customer email domain, amount of items purchased in order, selling volume of merchant, and IP address. Using different weights and values for each of the variables our system designates how long a file will be available for and how many times someone can fully download the product. A merchant cannot change the value set by our system. We have derived the most reliable method over our million transactions processed to ensure an enjoyable customer experience while limiting link piracy/abuse. Each link give to a customer is encoded with the PayPal transaction id for that order.

A download page can stay active for various amounts of time after purchase. Because our system tracks access to the download page for the customer, we may or may not provide them with an active download link. For instance, if the download page for an order had never been accessed according to our server, then our system will provide the person with an active download link. This can be several days or weeks after the initial order. Because no one had ever accessed the download page, the download link will still be active. Conversely, if a download page had been accessed several times from several different ip addresses in a very short time span, say an hour, then our system will display the download expired page and the original customer will have to request additional downloads from the merchant by filling out a request form.

How can I deliver multiple files with my product?
The system can send out as many files as needed for a particular product. You can send out multiple files by uploading all of the files for a product using the File Manager found under the selling tab of your account. You may also upload the files into your storage area using an FTP client if you have an upgraded account.

Once you have uploaded all of the files into the system, you create your product from the Selling tab. Once you get to the file selection page, you should see a list of all of the files uploaded into your account. Use the checkboxes next to the file names to select all files you want to have delivered for that product and click continue.  

How much bandwidth are we allowed to use?
You are allowed unlimited bandwidth to sell and deliver your goods. The service fees are based on storage space and transaction volume which roughly equates to bandwidth costs, but they are not cited directly. The transaction volume is the main component of the costs.

How long does it take for a client to receive their download?
Your customers should be able to download immediately after paying for your item at PayPal if their payment is cleared. Once they click on the "Continue" link at PayPal, they will be taken to a download page. If the order has not been processed, or the payment is pending, then the customer will receive an email with the download links when the transaction has completed.

If a customer orders several downloadable products do they receive several emails with one link in each or one email with several links?
They will receive one email per transaction with however many links that are required for each item they have purchased.

I sell some tangible or shippable goods as well as downloads. If a customer orders a mix of downloadable and tangible goods will this work?
Mixed baskets are not a problem. We will only process the digital items that are registered in our system. We will send download links for the digital items and the tangible items will not be processed. Our system only activates when an item has been registered in our system and has been purchased.

If I exceed my transaction or file limit, will my account be disabled?
Our system notifies you that your account has exceeded the Transaction Limit whenever you log into your account. We also send daily emails when sellers exceed the limit notifying them of the issue. We continue to process transactions and downloads during this time. However, if the seller does not address the issue in a timely manner, we may limit some aspects of their account to avoid being taken advantage of.

I need a file storage or transaction limit that is not listed. Can you help?
Please contact us and we will do our best to assist.

How do I give a customer a refund, and after I give him a refund, how do I know he won't still be able to download the file?
Refunds are handled via the payment platform used. There is a link on the transaction detail page at the payment processor (ie PayPal) that has an Issue Refund link. Once that is done, the download will not work since the payment will never be completed.

Transactions may still show in the Payloadz system as the full amount originally charged, but those transactions will not be counted when their transaction limit is calculated or when the % of sales accounts are charged.

What is the Affilaite Builder?
The Affiliate Builder system is a system that allows other people to get credit for selling your goods, or for referring visitors to your web site. Payments are still made directory to your PayPal account, but the referral is tracked in our system. The amount paid for each sale is entered during product creation on a flat fee basis. Each time that product is sold via a referral from one of your affiliates, the PayLoadz system will notify you and the affiliate of that sale. At the end of the week, all of your affiliate sales will be combined into a Mass Pay file that allows you to make payments to all of your affiliates in one transaction through PayPal.

Affiliate sales are tracked using cookies in your customer’s web browser. When your customers click on your affiliate’s link that either sends them to PayPal or to your site, our system sets a cookie in their browser and attaches that affiliate’s email address to that transaction. Referrals cookies exist for 10 days in the customer’s browser.

TIP: You must use the PayLoadz GoLink code method in order to use the Affiliate Builder feature and have the affiliate sales tracked by our system.

You can choose to give your affiliate’s one of two options to use the system. One allows them to simply redirect customers to your product purchase page, while the second option allows the affiliate to sell the product directly from their site (payment is still made into your site).

You enable affiliates by giving them the “Affiliate Builder” link from your product’s detail page. When an affiliate opens that link, they are asked for their email address for tracking and payment purposes. When they complete the registration process, they are given the option code to add to their web site to enable the system.

You can visit the Affiliate section of PayLoadz  click here

Buyers Questions

I bought a product but I’m having trouble downloading it?
To expedite the solution, contact the seller of the product and not PayLoadz direct. Find the seller contact details with the product listing at store.payloadz.com.

I am having issues with PayPal / my credit card/Google payment.
To have your query dealt with as quickly as possible you should contact PayPal, the credit card company or Google payments direct.

Affiliates Questions

The product owner has not paid me my commissions.
Please report the seller to PayLoadz. They will the seller to pay the affiliates or have their product delisted. PayLoadz plans to allow the sellers to pay from within PayLoadz shortly.

How do I fix faulty PayLoadz affiliate code?
Please copy and paste into your site again. Try inserting it in a different place in the website if the problem persists. Some affiliate code that does not work is because of seller product setup issues so contact the seller of the product if the first two steps do not work.


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