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Where Do I Find It

Where Do I Find It?

If you are in a hurry and looking for certain PayLoadz information use this handy guide to get there fast:

  • My account
    Login and click on the Accounts tab. Here you can upgrade your account and also edit your selling, buying and affiliate account options.


  • The area where I can upgrade my account
    Login on the PayLoadz home page to get to Account Home.


  • The Pricing and Fee structure
    The pricing and fess page can be found here.


  • The Product Detail Page
    This page can be found by finding the desired product in your Available Products list, then by clicking on the "Details" link next to the product name.



  • A summary of my products, sales and purchases
    When you login to your account on the homepage these summaries are automatically listed.



  • Details about affiliates
    Sellers can view all of their registered affiliates here. Or by clicking the Affiliates tab, then View Affiliates.




  • The area where I can upload and manage files
    Upload new files and manage your existing files in the File Manager by clicking here or found under the Selling tab of your account.


  • The button code generator
    Login on the PayLoadz home page to get to Selling where you will find the Button Code Generator. Full purchase code can also be found for any individual product on the Product Detail page.


  • The about page
    Click on About at the bottom of the Account Home page where you login.


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