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How Do You Sell Images?

You can sell any type of image or photo with PayLoadz in a few simple steps. Some examples of images you can sell with PayLoadz are backgrounds, wallpapers and screensavers. You need to sign up for a PayLoadz account and provide your payment information, such as a PayPal account or Google Checkout account details, to start selling images. After signing up for a PayLoadz account, please follow the steps below to sell images:

1.Login to yourPayLoadz account using your email/username and password.

2. Click on “Create a New Product” under the “Selling” tab.

3. Providebasic information, such as the name of theimage, a unique item ID and price.

4. You can also provide a custom “Thank You” text in case you want a different text to be sent other than the default text saved in your PayLoadz Profile.


5. Create an optional PayLoadz Store listing for your image. It is recommended that you create a PayLoadz Store listing that provides greater visibility for the image.

6. Provide information about the image’s file format and the format in which the image will be delivered. These two can be different. For example, an image can be in .png format and can be delivered in the compressed .zip format.

7. Select “Photos & Images” as the main category, and choose a subcategory that best defines the image.You can select multiple subcategories by clicking on “Add Category” link.

Tip:After you select the subcategory, PayLoadz shows you the average price of the products sold in that subcategory. You might want to check your prices based on that price.

8. You can also choose to make your image a “Featured Product” by selecting “Yes” in the dropdown. Read more about Featured Listings.


9. Provide a product information URLif you have a Web page with more information about the image.

10. Upload a small thumbnail of the image by clicking on “Choose File.”

Tip:It is advisable to provide a thumbnail that is indicative of the original image you are selling because it provides an idea to buyers about the image they are buying.

11. Provide keywords or key phrases that describe the image you are selling.

Tip:The keywords/key phrases are used for searching products. You should use the keywords based on what the users would be searching for while looking for the type of image you are selling.

12. Provide a description of your image in the “Product Description” section. The product description should clearly describe the image you are selling.

Tip: Use the toolbar in HTML editor to format the description according to your preferences. You may use different font styles, font colors, bullets and numberings.


13. You can also provide the required information for using affiliates to promote your image.


14. Click on the “Submit Product Information” button.

15. On the “Product File Selection” page, provide the details of the image file using any of the four given options.


16. Your image is now ready for sale. To get the button and/or link for the image, click on View Products under the “Selling” tab in the top menu.

17. Click on the “Details” link for the image listing in the “Product Summary” section.

18. Click on the “Code Generator” button in the right-hand menu.

19. Choose the payment processor from the “Select Buttons” dropdown menu.

20. Copy the generated code for the button or text link,and publish it on any Webpage where you would like to sell your image.


Tip: Use the simple URL provided in the “Single Item Purchase” section to sell your images where you cannot use the HTML code.


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