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What is PayPal Mass Payments?

Important: Mass Payment is not enabled automatically. You must contact MTS to enable it. Your account manager can arrange for it to be enabled when you are ready to go live.

What is Mass Payments?

Mass Payments lets you send multiple payments in one batch. It's a fast and convenient way to send commissions, rebates, rewards, and general payments. You must have explicit permission from PayPal to use Mass Payments.

You submit the payment information to PayPal in the form of a payment file. PayPal processes each payment and notifies you when it is complete.

There are two ways to send your payment information:

  1. Upload a payment file directly to the PayPal site.

    For instructions, see Using Mass Payments in Your PayPal Account.

  2. Submit the information through APIs.

    For instructions, see Using the Mass Payments API.

Mass Payments Processing

When a Mass Payments request is executed, PayPal processes each payment in the request. PayPal takes the payment amounts from your account and attempts to put them into the recipients’ PayPal account. If the recipients do not have PayPal accounts, PayPal notifies them that a payment is available and they must create a PayPal account to receive the payment. Payments processing can take from a couple of minutes to several hours, depending on the number of payments you are processing.

When the payments have been sent, PayPal sends you a notification email. You can then log in to your PayPal account and get the details of each transaction.

PayPal holds the mass payment amounts for 30 days. If a payment is unclaimed after 30 days, the money is returned to your account.

How Do Recipients Get Their Money?

Every recipient receives an email notifying them of the payment. There are three scenarios for recipients.

Recipients with a PayPal account tied to the email address that contains the payment notification can click a link in the email message, log in to their account, and access their payments.

If the recipients have a PayPal account, but the payment is sent to an email address that is not tied to their account, they are offered an opportunity to log in to their account. Then, when they log in, the money is deposited to their account and the new email address is added to their account automatically.

If the recipients do not have a PayPal account, their email message contains a link that directs them to a PayPal sign-up page. The sign-up process automatically confirms their email address. When they complete the sign-up process, the money is available in their new PayPal account.

Who Can Use Mass Payments?

You must have a PayPal Premier account or Business account, and it must be a verified account, before you can use Mass Payments. If you have multiple users for your PayPal account, you can grant access to one or more authorized users to have them send Mass Payments for you. For example, you can grant Mass Payments access to your bookkeeper or to your customer service agents as part of their duties.

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