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Can I sell a product with multiple files?

Yes, you can sell a single product that has multiple files. The system can send out as many files as needed for a particular product.

There are two ways to do sell a single product with multiple files.

Method 1:
You can send out multiple files by first uploading all of the files for your product using the Manage and Upload Files function found under the "Selling" tab of your account. (If files are already uploaded then you can skip this step).

*You may also upload the files into your storage area using an FTP client if you have an Premium account.

Once you have uploaded all of the files into the system, then you create your product by going to the "Selling" tab and from the drop-down menu selecting the Create New Product option.

Add the product information such as name, price item# etc. then click "Submit Product Information".

When you get to the file selection page, you should see a list of all of the existing files uploaded into your account under "Option #3 - Existing Files". Place a check in the boxes next to the file names to select all of the files you want to have delivered for that product and click continue.

Method 2:

Using a file zip program such as WinZip; zip all the files you want to sell and then upload the zip file during the product creation process.

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