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Can I sell tangible goods through my Payloadz account?

Yes, if you have a Premium Hybrid PayLoadz account and are selling products from a website then tangible goods can be sold through your Payloadz account.

Merchants can have a mixed cart (digital and tangible goods) and also sell tangible goods alone. However, please note features for tangible goods are limited.

If the product(s) is not in our store (which is the case with tangible items), we are not able to perform price checking, the Merchant will have do check prices as well as ship the product themselves.

PayLoadz will provide a mixed-cart so that tangible and digital goods can be sold from the same shopping cart and adding the option of "ship to different address from billing address" to buyer. After payment is successful we send you a notification email containing the purchasers information.

To Begin Selling Tangible Goods:

1. Go to the Selling tab and from from the drop-down menu select Selling Overview. 



2. On the left hand side of the Selling Overview page you will find the option for the Tangible Product Code Generator. Click this option.



Basically you will use the Tangible Product Code Generator to provide the item information such as product name, price, etc. then create the "Add to Cart" purchase button code for the product that you will copy and paste on your website. 



Please note: You must use the PayLoadz Shopping Cart and Add to Cart HTML code for your products. If you are already selling tangible goods through PayPal, your website uses PayPal-generated code for your various buttons (add to cart, view cart, or buy now buttons). All the PayPal code for these buttons must be replaced with our button code. (We take care of the PayPal interface on your behalf, so you only need our code.) Once you have replaced your PayPal button code with our code.

Last, there are two settings found in your PayLoadz Profile that you will need to change; you will need to enable the PayLoadz Shopping Cart feature and change the settings for Customer Shipping Address feature to either "Optional" or "Required".


Once this is done click "Submit Information" to update.

When a customer buys a tangible product we will process the transaction and send you the transaction data and customer shipping address so you can send the product. If they buy both a digital and tangible product we will send the download as normal to the customer and the transaction and customer shipping information for the tangible product purchased to you for fulfillment.

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