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What are PayPal and Google Checkout?

What are PayPal and Google Checkout?
These checkout systems allow people to send money to anyone with an email address. There are no financial requirements, no credit checks, no software needed, nor web site requirements to use these payment systems. PayPal and Google Checkout allow you to accept all major credit cards and allow payment from bank accounts and money transfers. These are excellent payment solution providers for those people who do not want to go through the hassle of getting a credit card merchant account, an expensive web site, or internal accounting system.      


ATTENTION: On November 20, 2013, Google Checkout will no longer be supported.

Unfortunately, Google will be shut down Google Checkout and you will need to select one of the supported checkout types such as 2CO, Amazon Payments and PayPal in our system.

At this time Google Wallet is not a comparable product to Google Checkout, it does not provide similar integration or functionality, so we will not be supporting it immediately. We hope Google will make the Google Wallet available to e-commerce platforms such as PayLoadz in the near future. We will update this announcement with any changes.

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