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Are there different types of accounts? What is the pricing structure?

We offer two account levels:

PayLoadz Express account - The PayLoadz Express account is our basic level account, it is free to join and you are charged 20% of sales processed; there no cost to start selling online and no monthly fees , you pay only when you sell product. The PayLoadz Express account provides a simple way to create and sell digital download product(s) on the Payloadz store and/or from your website, blog, etc.. You can sign-up for the Express account and create product(s) to sell at https://express.payloadz.com.

The PayLoadz Express account is limited; the file storage is limited to 1GB. You cannot send downloads or create free downloads.

PayLoadz Hybrid (Premium) account - This is our feature-rich robust digital product selling and delivery system.  The cost for the PayLoadz Hybrid (Premium) is $19.95 per month + 2.9% of the sale and $0.29 transaction fee (except for orders that are less than $2.00; then the per transaction fee is only 4.9% + $.05).

We charge a basic $19.95 monthly maintenance fee on the account. This covers our basic costs to keep things running and providing the support you deserve. Our transaction fees are only applied to actual sales, so we only get paid when you get paid. The per transaction charges are just 2.9% + $0.29. If the order is less than two dollars, it qualifies for micropayment pricing of just 4.9% + $0.05 per transaction. PayLoadz Hybrid (Premium) accounts have no product, sales or storage limits. You can sign-up for the Payloadz account at https://www.payloadz.com/

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