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What do I need to be a PayLoadz seller?

Anyone can sell on PayLoadz. You can be up and selling your digital content in just a few minutes - all that you need to begin is listed below:

  1. Your own email address.
    You can use an existing email address you have or you can create a new one. We recommend gmail if you don't have an email address.
  2. A PayLoadz Account.
    Sign up for a PayLoadz Account at our registration page. It is a one-step process and takes just seconds to complete.
  3. A PayPal Business or Premier account, OR a Google Checkout account.
    You can sign up for a PayPal account at this page at their site. You can sign up for a Google Checkout account at this page at their site. You only need one of these accounts to use our service. You may also use both accounts if you like. They do not have any monthly fees and provide free registration. If you do not have either, we suggest signing up for a PayPal account as it is easier for most people.

Optional Items:

Your own website.
If you have a web site, you can sell your items listed with PayLoadz directly on your own web pages. If you do not have a web site, don't worry, you can still sell your digital goods in the PayLoadz Store.

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