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Who uses the service?

The following types of people use this service:

  1. Anyone who wants to sell a digital product. You need not have your own website to sell digital goods at PayLoadz.
  2. Merchants who sell their own digital products via PayLoadz on their own websites and eBay, via the PayLoadz eBay store, at the PayLoadz Store and by using PayLoadz GoLinks in their emails.
  3. Customers who buy digital products via merchants' websites, affiliates and resellers’ websites, on eBay and directly from PayLoadz at the PayLoadz eBay Store. In these cases customers will not even be aware that they are getting their products via PayLoadz. Customers can also visit the PayLoadz Store direct and buy products there.
  4. Affiliates and resellers who sell and promote merchants’ goods via their own sites, websites, on auction or using Go Links in emails.

You can see some of the merchants who use our service by visiting the PayLoadz Store. Though, this is not a complete list of sellers

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