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Encrypted website payments only error?

How do I fix encrypted website payments only error?

This option at the PayPal web site blocks any payment being made into your account from a non-encrypted payment button. If you see the following error, then this option has been enabled in your PayPal Profile:

"The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details."

To fix this error, the seller needs to edit their PayPal Website Payments Receiving profile to allow payments from non-encrypted buttons. Since our system checks against the values passed in from PayPal on the backend, there is no need to have this option enabled. You can still use encrypted payment buttons for your other products if you like even if you turn this option off.

To change the Profile Preferences, click the following link and set the option to "Off" and then update your profile:

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