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What Makes a Great Digital Good?

You know it's important to offer a strong product in order to be successful, but what actually makes a great digital good? The truth is, there are several different factors which contribute overall to a great product. As a new online merchant, your job is to crack that code so you can be competitive in the marketplace.


Solving a Need

From the most complex software programs designed for professional use to the lightest bit of entertainment fluff, every strong digital good has one quality in common: they all solve a need. Maybe it's a couponing app that saves the customer money, an organizational tool to streamline schedules and save time, an instructional video full of tips and tricks for more convenience, or a genre fiction ebook to excite and entertain. Whatever the product, it improves the buyer's quality of life in some way.


Products designed to help online buyers to save time, save money or increase everyday convenience meet very practical needs. The fact that entertainment products like movies, music and ebooks fill a less practical need doesn't make them any less valuable, though. In fact, the entertainment sector is one of the most booming areas of the digital goods industry.



Evaluate your existing products or those in the conceptualization phase, looking specifically for ways they improve customers' lives or meet a need. What needs, in particular, do your products meet? Look for ways you can boost their effectiveness in these areas, really focusing on how to best serve your buyers' needs.


The more useful or effective your product, the more justifiable the purchase to your potential buyers. You control your content; why not make sure it's highly functional and meets the target need to boost your brand image?

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